“Natural Beauty” Photo Series Features Women With Hairy Pits

“Natural Beauty” Photo Series Features Women With Hairy Pits -



London-based photographer, filmmaker, and artist Ben Hopper has caused quite a stir with his project, titled “Natural Beauty”. Challenging female beauty standards, the photo series aims to find out why women with body hair are labeled as unattractive. What’s your opinion on this issue? Leave a comment below!


True Life Confessions: My Mom Was A Stripper

True Life Confessions: My Mom Was A Stripper -





15 More Women Talk About Their Job As A Cam Girl

15 More Women Talk About Their Job As A Cam Girl -



17 Women Admit The Things They Can't Stand About Men

17 Women Admit The Things They Can't Stand About Men -




3 Types Of Girls ALL Men Must Avoid

3 Types Of Girls ALL Men Must Avoid -



Knowing is half the battle.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, these 3 types of girls should be avoided at all costs. Since these are female archetypes, they’re basically extreme examples, and while they do exist, most girls are somewhere in between, meaning they might have a little bit of each in them.











18 Child Actors From Our Favorite Movies That Are All Grown Up

18 Child Actors From Our Favorite Movies That Are All Grown Up -

1. Dakota Blue Richards — Lyra from The Golden Compass (2007)

2. Bailee Madison — May Belle from Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

3. Josh Hutcherson — Gabe from Little Manhattan (2005)

4. Anna Chlumsky — Vada from My Girl (1991)

5. Madeline Carroll — Juli from Flipped (2010)

6. Amandla Stenberg — Rue from The Hunger Games (2012)

7. Willow Shields — Primrose from The Hunger Games (2012)

8. Joey King — Molly from Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

9. Kara Hayward — Suzi from Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

10. Saoirse Ronan — Susie from The Lovely Bones (2009)

11. Sophie Nélisse — Liesel from The Book Thief (2013)

12. Eliza Bennett — Meggie from Inkheart (2008)

13. Sophie Turner — Sansa from Game of Thrones (2011)

14. AnnaSophia Robb — Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

15. Philip Wiegratz — Augustus from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

16. Bradley Pierce — Peter from Jumanji (1995)

17. Kirsten Dunst — Judy from Jumanji (1995)

18. Taylor Momsen — Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

20 Women Who Have Had Enough With Their Boyfriend's Bad Hygiene Habits

20 Women Who Have Had Enough With Their Boyfriend's Bad Hygiene Habits

Woman Uses Her Own Vaginal Fluids As Perfume To Try To Attract Men

Woman Uses Her Own Vaginal Fluids As Perfume To Try To Attract Men

One woman tried a very exclusive perfume to help attract men—so exclusive, it can only be found in her own underpants.

Yup, that’s right: She rubbed her own vaginal fluids on her wrists in an effort to attract the opposite sex.

Author Rachel Khona set out to see if the scent of her secretions would have men flocking to her and detailed her experience in a recent Medium post. Khona wrote that she's somewhat of a vagina experiment connoisseur, which made this latest escapade a natural fit for her.

The theory goes that pheromones in down-there scents play a role in attraction. Khona—setting off for "uncharted territory"—first "wore" only her vaginal juices and later added a touch of her favorite store-bought perfume.

But Christine Greves, MD, an ob-gyn with Orlando Health System in Florida, isn't buying it. Pheromones have been largely studied as they affect visual and sexual attraction—but they haven't been researched in vaginal fluid, she tells Health. "Overall, there isn’t much scientific backing on this. This is not something I would ever recommend."

Turns out, Khona may not be recommending vagina perfume either. Aside from a few smiles and extra door holdings, she really didn't have much to report. To her disappointment, men didn’t come running from the hills to get a whiff—and she doesn't have plans to bottle her own scent anytime soon.

"If swarms of men had fallen at my feet, I would have felt differently,” Khona wrote. Instead, she came to the conclusion that the best way to attract men is to “get a life” and to “drink, dance, and be merry.”

It's also not exactly sanitary, Dr. Greves points out. Vaginal fluids, like many bodily fluids, can contain germs—although there hasn't been a scientific study on whether or not it's possible to spread germs via vagina perfume. Still, she says, "I can't say it's horrible to do either. To each his own!" Or in this case, hers.












20 Women Reveal Their Worst Experiences In The Bedroom Ever

20 Women Reveal Their Worst Experiences In The Bedroom Ever






Allegra Cole enlarged her breasts to impossible sizes, and now has some whopping 137 cm breasticles in the breast area. Each one of them is 11 lbs (5 kilos). She tried out in porn but wasn’t successful, and now she is making money by being popular on social media. FUTURE BACK PROBLEMS YAYYYYYY.


Women On Instagram Are Choosing Not To Shave For #Januhairy

Women On Instagram Are Choosing Not To Shave For #Januhairy -



19 Females That Were Raising Red Flags All Over The Internet

19 Females That Were Raising Red Flags All Over The Internet



















20 Strange Beauty Pageant Queens of Food Industry From the Mid-20th Century

20 Strange Beauty Pageant Queens of Food Industry From the Mid-20th Century



 Donut, meat and fruit: the vintage beauty pageant queens covered (and were covered in) all kinds of food. I wonder why don’t we get these kind of beauty pageants today?

20 Guys Who Are Clueless About The Female Anatomy

20 Guys Who Are Clueless About The Female Anatomy




My How Things Have Changed! 129 Ways To Get A Husband, According To A Women's Magazine, Circa 1958

My How Things Have Changed! 129 Ways To Get A Husband, According To A Women's Magazine, Circa 1958










The 13 Hottest Alien Girls Ever

The 13 Hottest Alien Girls Ever -



 In the market for some pics of hot alien girls? You know, the hottest aliens in movies, or the hottest aliens in TV shows... that kind of stuff? If you are in fact in the market for that sort of thing, this is a great image gallery for you. These are the hottest aliens from movies and TV assembled just for you and yours to peruse at any speed you see fit. Maybe even warp speed. that is a space joke because these are the hottest space girls and these space girls will make your heart beat rapidly.

Anyway, these are photos of some of the hottest sci fi girls in the history of pop culture. Who do you think are the hottest aliens to ever grace the screen? Vote up your favorites now! Hot alien chicks! Hot alien babes! Woooo!






10 Serial Killers Of The Old West

10 Serial Killers Of The Old West -

Serial killers are hardly a phenomenon confined to the 20th and 21st centuries. Many periods of history have been witness to serial murders of their own. The Old West was a well-known time of lawlessness, so it’s no surprise that there were many active serial killers stalking the prairies and deserts of North America.

Whether they murdered for profit, pleasure, or both, the impact on the victims, their families, and the community was always the same. The ruthlessness of the following crimes may shock you, so mentally prepare yourself for the brutality to come.

The Bloody Benders

Photo credit: George R. Gamble

The Bloody Benders were a family who moved into Osage Township, Kansas, in late 1870. This family of four would end up killing as many as 21 people.[1] The West could be a dangerous and violent place, so a safe area of peace and refuge would have been a cherished thing. This is how the Benders lured their victims in. They would play the part of a loving family with a cozy inn for weary travelers to stay, and when their guests had their backs turned, the Benders would bash in their skulls, steal their money, and bury them out back.

Several people who stopped at the Benders’ place told a tale about how they had almost become the serial-killing family’s victims. They said the Benders had a sheet hung up in a room that the men would hide behind while the women would try to get the guests to sit in a very specific chair facing away from the sheet. When they refused to sit, Ma Bender became enraged, and then the male Benders stepped out from behind the sheet. The men quickly left, likely avoiding becoming the Benders’ next victims.

The Benders themselves ultimately escaped before they could be captured, and they were never found.

Stephen Dee Richards

Photo credit: Nebraska archives

Stephen Dee Richards has been called the Old West’s Ted Bundy, but in his day and age, he was dubbed the Nebraska Fiend.[2] He was a charming and well-spoken man. Unlike Bundy, Stephen seems to have had no preferred type of victim when it came to killing. He murdered a young man he had a disagreement with, and he killed a mother and her three children with an ax. He said of killing the family that it was no different to him than killing jackrabbits.

Stephen ultimately murdered nine people in total. He did not escape justice, however, and was hanged in 1879.

Charles Kennedy

Charles Kennedy was a mountain man who lived near Eagle Nest, New Mexico. One day in 1870, Charles’s wife came running into a saloon crying. Incredibly upset, she confessed to the townspeople what she had witnessed. Her husband had been luring travelers into their home to kill them and steal their money. The very night before, Charles had done just that, but his son was in the room speaking to the traveler. The traveler asked if there were many “Indians” around, and the son responded, “Can’t you smell the one Papa put under the floor?”[3]Charles flew into a rage, murdered both the traveler and his own son, and then locked his wife in the house. The woman waited for her husband to pass out after getting drunk and then escaped out a chimney.

The men at the saloon went after Charles along with a man named Clay Allison, who was known to be good with a gun. Charles was brought to the courthouse, but after the townspeople heard rumors that his lawyer was going to get him off, they took matters into their own hands. A group of several men took Charles from his jail cell, tied a noose around his neck, and dragged him behind a horse until he was strangled to death.

Boone Helm

Photo credit: True West Magazine

Levi Boone Helm was a mountain man and gunslinger, but he is best known as the Kentucky Cannibal. Boone was part of a gang that would steal and murder all over Oregon and Idaho, but by the time Boone had joined this group, he had already killed many men.

One day, Boone and some others got caught up in a snowstorm. The animals and all the men perished, except for Boone and a man named Burton. They had discovered an empty cabin, but it had no food. According to Boone, he had started trying to light a fire when he heard a gunshot and discovered that his companion had killed himself. It did not take long for Boone to decide to cannibalize the body.[4]

Boone would make it out of the winter storm and return to his life of crime, but he wouldn’t evade justice forever. He and the rest of his gang were eventually arrested and brought before a court. Boone tried to defend himself, but it was all in vain. He was convicted and hanged.

The Servant Girl Annihilator

The Servant Girl Annihilator was a serial killer who murdered seven women and one man in Austin, Texas, in 1884 and 1885. He also maimed six other women and two men. The murders were thought to have been partially motivated by racism because many of the victims were black. The murderer would typically attack his victims while they were asleep before dragging the bodies outside.[5]

The police were given conflicting reports on what the killer looked like, with differing accounts as to whether he was white or black. As many as 400 men were arrested in connection to the crimes, but none were convicted. To this day, there is speculation as to who the Servant Girl Annihilator was, with theories as mundane and reasonable as Nathan Elgin, a cook who was shot by the police while attacking a woman around the time the killings stopped, to Jack the Ripper, because of course.

James Miller

Photo credit: Legends of America

James Miller, aka Miller the Killer, was a murderer-for-hire. He was also called Deacon Miller because he would regularly attend church and seemingly had no vices; he didn’t smoke or drink. Despite his pious behavior in public, James obviously had a darker professional and private life. He would often kill people he didn’t like. When his sister was engaged to be married to a man whom James despised, the fiance was mysteriously murdered. James are arrested and convicted of the murder, but the charges were overturned on a technicality. James would eventually turn his passion for killing into a profession, charging large sums of money to have someone executed.

Because of James’s pious outward appearance, no one in his community had any idea what he was capable of. He actually had a brief stint as a lawman. James’s downfall ultimately came when he assassinated a former deputy US marshal. This caused an enraged mob to lynch him. Right before he was hanged, he reportedly shouted, “Let her rip!”[6]

John Wesley Hardin

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

John Wesley Hardin was the last man you’d think would become a vicious outlaw. Being born to and raised by a preacher didn’t stop John from getting into trouble at an early age. His first kill was at the age of 15, and he would not stop after just one man. It’s possible he killed up to 42 men. His temper was well-known, and it was common for him to murder anyone who bothered him. John didn’t just kill troublesome people, of course; in his time, it was common to kill people and then rob them.

John was eventually imprisoned for his crimes, a rarity for someone on this list, but he didn’t evade vigilante justice altogether. After spending 17 years in prison, John lived in El Paso, Texas. As you can imagine, with that temper and all, he was not well-liked. One day, John got into a heated argument with a lawman named John Selman. Not long afterward, Selman walked up behind John and shot him in the head.[7]

Bill Longley

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Bill Longley was a psychopath through and through. By the time he was 20, he had already killed several times. Bill was known to murder anyone who irritated him, and he was an avowed racist, so black people and Mexicans were frequent targets of his cruelty. Bill and some of his friends once happened upon three black men named Green Evans, Pryer Evans, and Ned, who were freed slaves and were traveling to visit friends. Bill and his cohorts held the men up at gunpoint. The poor men panicked and tried to escape, but Green Evans was shot and killed.

Bill’s final murder would be that of his childhood friend Wilson Anderson. Bill was already a wanted man, but this put new bounties on his head, and vigilante groups tried to capture him. Bill would eventually be caught and convicted. Longley was hanged but did not receive a quick and painless death. The rope was loose at first, so Bill’s knees hit the ground. Then, when the rope was pulled taut, he slowly suffocated. It would take 11 minutes of strangulation before he finally died.[8]

Liver-Eating Johnson

Photo credit: Alchetron

John Jeremiah Garrison Johnston was a mountain man who was dubbed Liver-Eating Johnson. John’s life is shrouded in legend, the biggest of which involves how he earned his nickname. According to the tales, after his wife was killed by a Crow Native American, John had a vendetta against the entire tribe. They say that he killed over 300 Crow natives, scalped them, and ate their livers. This was a great insult to the Crow because they believed that the liver was vital to go on to the afterlife.

The truth, though, was that John probably never ate anyone’s liver; the rumor that he did so most likely started as a dark joke he told some people and went wild from there.[9] John would eventually make peace with the Crow despite butchering scores of them, or so the legend goes. In actuality, the Crow were thought to be very friendly with American frontiersmen. In this case, it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction.

John Jeremiah Garrison Johnston died in 1900, penniless and without any family to speak of.

Delphine LaLaurie

Photo credit: La Brujula Verde

Delphine LaLaurie was a wealthy socialite who lived in New Orleans and went down in history for her monstrous treatment of slaves. Her torture of her slaves was discovered in 1834, when one elderly slave tried to burn down Delphine’s home. She was trying to kill herself in order to escape LaLaurie’s brutal punishments.

After being brought to the house by the fire, authorities also found the attic, where several slaves were in various states of torture. Previously, Delphine had actually whipped a little girl off a roof, and the police had forced her to sell her slaves. This was all for naught, as Delphine had her relatives buy her slaves for her and then sneak them back into her house.

In a shocking act of compassion for slaves for the time period, Delphine’s neighbors actually formed a mob and drove her and her family from their home.[10]

37 Women Before and After Third-Wave Feminism Hit Them

37 Women Before and After Third-Wave Feminism Hit Them -




10 Unbelievable Things That Have Required A Doctor’s Prescription

10 Unbelievable Things That Have Required A Doctor’s Prescription




Doctors are certainly known for issuing drug prescriptions. However, depending on the country, state, or city, they could also write prescriptions for other things. Most of these surprising prescription items are downright weird, since they usually shouldn’t require a prescription.

In most instances, people were left unable to get their hands on the following things unless they had a doctor’s prescription. Some of the following items are still prescription-only today. Here are ten things you might never have guessed were once prescribed by doctors.

Sex Toys

A doctor’s prescription was once required to buy a sex toy in the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia, in the United States. The ban on sex toys was dictated under a city ordinance outlawing the buying or selling of “any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.”

However, the city permitted the sales and use of sex toys only if they were for “bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcement purposes.” While the law did not explain how a sex toy could be useful for judicial and law enforcement purposes, it demanded that anyone requiring a sex toy for medical purposes have a doctor’s prescription.

Some residents challenged the legality of the ordinance in court. One was a woman who was left with nerve damage after suffering from multiple sclerosis. She said her sex life was negatively affected, and her marriage would have fallen apart if she had not used sex toys.

While she probably got her prescription to get the toy, she found it ridiculous that she needed to do so. Another plaintiff was an artist who uses sex toys for his artworks. He said he could not produce his art unless he got a doctor’s prescription for a sex toy.[1] In March 2017, the ban on sex toys was lifted.


Need a condom in Ayala Alabang? You will need a medical prescription for that.[2]Ayala Alabang is one of the most expensive areas of the Philippines’ capital, Manila. It is also a religious battleground, with conservative Roman Catholics on one side and some liberal citizens on the other.

The majority of Filipinos are Roman Catholics, and Catholicism forbids the use of any form of artificial birth control, including condoms. This explains where the ordinance banning the sale of condoms came from.

The ban has divided opinions among Filipinos, for whom birth control remains a hotly debated topic. Some believe the government should be promoting birth control instead of suppressing it. Luckily for those worried about pregnancy or STDs, the prescription requirement is not strictly enforced.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum has been banned in Singapore since 1992. While still enforced, the ban was relaxed in 2004 as part of trade discussions between Singapore and the United States. Under the agreement, Singapore approved the importation and sales of what it called “therapeutic gum.”

Those who want to obtain therapeutic gum (such as nicotine gum or gum marketed as beneficial for teeth) need a prescription and have to get it from a doctor or pharmacist. The gums are only sold in pharmacies for this reason.[3]

Getting a prescription and visiting the pharmacy is just one part of the hassle of getting therapeutic gum. Buyers are expected to provide their name and ID cards before the pharmacist can sell them gum. Any pharmacist who violates the rule could get a two-year jail sentence and a $2,940 fine.


In 1920, the United States passed the National Prohibition Act, outlawing the sale and production of alcohol. What followed was the emergence of what was called “medicinal alcohol.” Medicinal alcohol was the same as regular alcohol. The only difference was that a doctor’s prescription was required to buy it.

Medicinal alcohol was basically a creative attempt to work around Prohibition. Doctors prescribed it to cure real medical conditions like cancer and depression. It was a brisk business, with patients doling out $6–$7 for a prescription. The prescription lasted for ten days, so the patients always came back for another one.[4]

Winston Churchill, the future prime minister of the United Kingdom, also got his own prescription for medicinal alcohol when he visited the US in 1931. Arriving in New York, Sir Churchill was hit by a car while exiting a cab. Not one to miss a good opportunity, he had his doctor write him a prescription for medicinal alcohol. The doctor prescribed a minimum of six shots of alcohol during every meal. There was no overdose, and Sir Churchill was allowed to stop drinking at his discretion.


Years ago, it was absolutely normal for doctors to prescribe cigarettes to asthmatic patients. The cigarettes back then were not the regular ones we see today. They were nicotine-free versions containing anti-asthmatic compounds like stramonium. Tobacco cigarettes containing nicotine were becoming more popular at around the same time, and so were cannabis and opium cigarettes.

The anti-smoking campaign soon came around, and people became aware of the dangers of smoking. However, doctors ignored the negative effects of smoking and continued to focus on the health benefits of tobacco. Things changed after World War II, when users became wary of all forms of cigarettes. This led to the demise of asthmatic cigarettes.[5]

Female Condoms

Photo credit: Ceridwen

Female condoms (aka internal condoms) have not been spared the doctor’s prescription in the United States. The only reason for this boils down to one thing: money. F2C is the only brand of internal condoms approved by the FDA for sale in the United States. Despite its monopoly, it suffered poor sales.

This was why its makers, Veru Health, switched to a prescription-only business model in 2017. Under this model, patients with F2C prescriptions would get it on their insurer’s bill, since it was included as one of the birth control methods in the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). The insurers would then pay Veru Health for the condoms.

Veru Health’s change in business model was criticized. First, people without insurance needed to shell out about $20—up from $3.50—for the condoms. While Veru Health markets the condom as a female condom, men and women often use it during anal sex. The higher cost could discourage them from buying it, making them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections.[6]


E-cigarettes are among the latest controversial inventions out there. While manufacturers promote them as the solution to make people quit smoking, critics say they could actually cause non-smokers to start smoking. The fact that they often contain fruit flavoring could also make them appeal to children.

Public Health England (PHE), an agency under the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care, has proposed that e-cigarettes should only be sold with a medical prescription. That way, they will only be available to people attempting to quit smoking. PHE says e-cigarettes are less risky to people around the smoker and 95 percent less harmful than regular cigarettes. They also help 20,000 people quit smoking every year.

In 2016, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued British American Tobacco a license to market an e-cigarette called E-Voke as a “smoking cessation aid.” This means that British doctors can actually prescribe E-Voke to people trying to quit smoking.[7]


Photo credit: CVLT Nation

At a time when female sexuality was poorly understood, it was absolutely normal for doctors to prescribe a pelvic massage to cure women of what they called hysteria. Women affected with hysteria were said to be restless, anxious, and easily irritated.

The “pelvic massage,” aka giving the woman an orgasm, was handled by a doctor. But the doctors found the task to be very demanding and unpleasurable. Dr. J. Mortimer Granville saved the day when he invented the vibrator in the 1880s. Though he originally designed the device to treat muscle pain, it soon found use for inducing “hysterical paroxyms.”

The vibrator (originally confined to medical facilities) was operated by a doctor to help women diagnosed with hysteria reach orgasm.[8] Inventors eventually came up with all sort of products, and women soon started buying them for personal use. Vibrators slowly made the transition from the doctor’s office to bedrooms, while cases of “hysteria” gradually reduced until finally disappearing. (Note that this account of the origin of the vibrator has been challenged as mythical by some.)


Chocolate has been used as a drug throughout history. The Aztecs used it to treat all sort of diseases and ailments, either as a standalone or by mixing it with other herbs, roots, and barks. In Europe, chocolate was considered a food and drug, and it was absolutely normal for doctors to prescribe it to treat diseases.

Sometimes, doctors mixed bitter and disgusting drugs with chocolate so that their patients would take them. Obviously, only few people will readily ingest a powder made from grounded-up earthworms. However, they had no qualms when it was mixed with chocolate.

Fraudsters soon infiltrated the chocolate market and started selling chocolate as an all-in-one cure for every disease under the Sun. While chocolate worked for some of the ailments, it was possible that it only did because users boiled it in water before drinking it. Boiling kills harmful organisms in water, making it safer.[9]


Heroin is considered one of the worst hard drugs out there. Yet, doctors once considered it medicine and would often prescribe it to treat a number of ailments, including cough, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. It was even sold over the counter and was readily available in pharmacies. Parents would often buy heroin to administer to their children before bed.

Heroin was developed, manufactured, and sold by Bayer pharmaceutical company as a non-addictive replacement for morphine. Some doctors became wary of the true effects of the drug and voiced their concerns. However, their warnings were ignored until hospital wards got filled with patients addicted to heroin.

This forced Bayer to permanently suspend production in 1913. The US issued a partial ban in 1914, turning heroin into a prescription-only drug. This changed little, and heroin was delisted in 1920. Addicts found other sources for their heroin, and many turned to crime to fund the habit.

Today, heroin is illegal in most parts of the world. Believe it or not, though, some countries, including Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Canada, allow doctors to prescribe heroin as a last resort for addicts undergoing rehabilitation. The prescription is heavily regulated and will only be issued if nothing else works.[10]







Why Japan's Women Labor Problem Is So Hard To Fix

Why Japan's Women Labor Problem Is So Hard To Fix

The Prime Minister of Japan wants 30% of leadership positions to be filled by women by 2020. Here's why that's easier said than done.

18 Men And Women Share Revealing Secrets That The Other Sex Doesn’t Know

18 Men And Women Share Revealing Secrets That The Other Sex Doesn’t Know


10 Women Spill The Reasons Why They Left Their Fiancés At The Altar

10 Women Spill The Reasons Why They Left Their Fiancés At The Altar

Is there any wedding trope more ~*scandalous*~ than leaving someone at the altar?

It seems like something that only happens in movies. But these 10 Reddit users tell the stories of women who left their fiancés at the altar.

Some women leave due to abuse, like turbie did.

He had been abusive and was an alcoholic. He cheated on me and blamed it on my family and tackled me when I tried to leave. So I played along and agreed we'd get married in and move to another state away from my family. I was supposed to meet him there and get married the day I arrived. I never got on the plane and changed my phone number and quit my job.

Vaguely_Saunter's mom bailed at the last minute, in part because her alcoholic fiancé hadn't paid for a single part of the wedding.

My mom left my dad at the altar. I guess she got to the parking lot and just realized what a mistake the whole thing was. I guess he was a super controlling alcoholic, and despite having a good paying job was super cheap. So she'd paid for her own wedding ring and the entire wedding herself without him contributing anything. She realized it was one thing to put up with that shit herself, but she didn't want a kid to grow up around that.

She told her best friend to tell everyone to enjoy the catering and the party she'd paid for but she wasn't going to be there and drove off.

PwrFlower's friend left at the last minute after dealing with angry accusations from her fiancé.

Not me, a friend.

The day of the wedding we were with her at a beauty centre. She had her wedding ring on. But when we were out she didn't have it. Don't know if it was lost or stolen She was definitely sad but not breaking the wedding sad.

When her fiancé found out he went on full beast mode that made her cry. And accused her mother of stealing the ring. He and her mother had troubles before. But no way her mother stole it.

He apologized and the wedding went on. But at the alter he joked about it or something and she couldn't take it anymore and just walked away. She knew he'd never let it go.

kirsten714 left because her fiancé said he wasn't ready — but the truth was way worse.

I was left two weeks before my wedding, last year. He claimed he was scared and just needed more time. We had been together over four years and engaged for a year and two months. What really happened still blows my mind. He had been having an affair and even before I found out, which took months, people were coming to me about how he had done this or that during the time we were together. Like, why tf didn’t you tell me before? I was oblivious and blinded by love and the future we had planned. Everything caught me off guard and I’m just now starting to recover, 10 months later.

One bride left her fiancé because she realized she was gay, according to clearly_i_mean_it.

My good friend left her fiancé the night before their wedding. It was Texas in the early 90s, and she was engaged to a (nice enough) man. He'd always told her she was more than welcome to fool around with women as she liked. They were sitting there the night before they got married and she told him she couldn't do it because she was a lesbian, she'd always been a lesbian, and she just hadn't ever been able to accept it.

It was hard on both of them, but in the end better that she finally was able to say it before they actually tied the knot.

This groom was cheating with a teenager, according to metasymphony.

Happened to a distant friend of mine: she found out that her would-be husband was cheating on her, on the morning of their wedding day. The girl he was cheating with was a guest at the wedding, and she saw the preparations and how much the bride loved him, broke down in tears and told the bride.

The girl he was cheating with was 19, his friend's younger sister I think. I have her added on social media, she grew up into a good person.

The bride has moved to a different city and is happy in a relationship with a woman now. I remember the groom being depressed about the whole thing but don't know what happened to him after that.

It seems ineedadonutplease's fiancé was using his illness to mask a pill addiction.

I didn’t leave him at the alter but broke it off literally 2 weeks before the wedding.

I paid for everything in the relationship since my ex had cancer. He told everyone he was terminal but outlived his predicted expiration. I will admit on my part that getting in a relationship with someone terminally ill is not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m a mentally strong person and believed in living in the moment. He also had an elementary school aged daughter who I bonded with very closely. She began to call me mommy and her birth mother agreed to a step parent adoption after the wedding.

On top of this, my ex was also a pill addict. He took morphine because of the pain of his cancer so there were times he was high out of his mind. I spent more time with his daughter than him and we probably went on a date alone without her less than 5 times in our year and a half relationship.

Nonetheless, I had purpose and felt fulfilled providing for my future family. There were many flags but when brought up we would compromise. One of the biggest issues is I wanted a prenup. He began to literally cry asking me why I would start a marriage that way. We compromised to pre marital counseling.

Because of him being sick, my needs (emotionally, physically, sexually) were usually pushed to the side. Especially with a child in the mix, it was never my time to resolve my issues. Whenever I wanted to bring up issues, he usually wasn’t in the state of mind, or it just wasn’t a good time. I felt counseling would give a safe place, just us two, and I could bring up issues.

A month before the wedding, I brought him a business card from a couple’s counselor and he told me “we don’t have time for that. “ I commuted 2 hours a day to work, bought the house he was living in, made all the income, brought his daughter to school in the morning (because he didn’t believe in waking up in the single digits), and took care of her when he was too high. It took me an additional two weeks but I came home early from work one day to talk.

There was so much left to do for the wedding and he didn’t contribute with any planning nor financially. I waited for him to get home from picking his daughter up so we could talk. I was extremely upset. After waiting around for an hour, I realized he wasn’t coming home any time soon. I texted him and immediately I got a bunch of texts like “oh we’re coming home soon”, “she’s [his daughter] is having so much fun”, etc. i realized I was done waiting for him. Constantly waiting. I told him don’t worry about it and made MY decision that I was done. I went out, got drunk, came home late and slept on the couch.

The next day, he had this spiel about how much he loved me and told me we could do premarital counseling a month after the wedding. I just ended it after his rant, not acknowledging anything he said. Emotionally, I was done. I moved on because it was clear to me I was being used.

Today I’m happy, I get harassed every now and then by him. I’m in a healthy relationship and have a cat! Life is good. I just wish I ended it sooner.

MoonStruckBear realized an 18-year-old probably shouldn't be making massive life decisions.

Like most others her, not at the altar but the week of wedding. I waited until he went to work. I packed everything I had into my car. Ran off the the beach with another man. I was 18, my fiancée was 25. I just woke up that morning and decided that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get married when I didn’t even have any idea what I wanted to do with my life. Ten years later and I feel like I broke that man. I’ve moved on. He is still stuck. The last two times I’ve seen him he’s asked me to give him another chance.

Zenith931 might have the only broken-off engagement that's the result of World of Warcraft emails?

I didn't leave my ex fiance at the altar, but we had been engaged for about a year or so. We had been together for a year or so before. He bought a house, had a great job, I was working through college. I was really into WoW and played. Formed a few friendships from that game. I began to notice that the person I was when I was with him was not the person I was online. It took me a long time (even after the breakup) for me to piece together what was going on. He was pretty manipulative, but not really in a horrible way, but more in how he'd get you to do what he'd want. As time went on I realized that I wasn't happy with him. I didn't want to be the meek housewife for him that he wanted. He subtlety pushed me away from everything I used to enjoy and it took meeting new friends on WoW to realize it. I remember very keenly that one day I was mowing the lawn and thinking about how I would break up with him and move back to my parents. I had no idea at the time why I thought that. I thought I was happy.

He went away on a trip for a week and as the time got closer for him to come back I had more and more dread. I didn't want him to come back.

Eventually, he found the emails I had been sending to my WoW friends. None of them were bad, but he thought they were. We broke off the engagement. I continued to live there for a few months until I started university and moved back to my parents. I fully kind of "woke up" from his manipulation there and ceased all contact.

A year later, I met my current husband and he's been continually amazing every day.

nmuncer's acquaintance was having nun of her engagement.

She was 35, virgin and into religion, left him just before the wedding night and joined a convent. God won I guess.



Pro Athletes With Overzealous Penises

Pro Athletes With Overzealous Penises -



Larry Johnson: 5 Children, with 4 different women.

The Grandmama has always been known to go hard in the paint against the likes of Alonzo Mourning and Shawn Kemp, but no one would have expected his baby moms. In an attempt to get out of inevitable child support payments, L.J. “strongly encouraged” pregnant model, Laura Tate, to have an abortion back in ’97. Needless to say it didn’t work and she went public with his threats.


Oscar de la Hoya: 6 children with 4 women.

Evidently the former fighter beat up plenty of things besides other boxers. He fathered six children during his time as a prizefighter, and was hit with a $62.5 million dollar palimony suit by one of his baby mama’s in 2000. The suit came after his girlfriend at the time, Shanna Moakler, saw de la Hoya on TV escorting another woman down the aisle at the Latin Grammy Awards.


Ray Lewis: 6 children, with an unknown amount of women.

Ray Lewis has to be one of the most feared line backers in NFL history. This man has been known for laying people out with his hard hits. However when he’s not laying people out, it looks like Ray is out there laying the pipe. This man is one of the most feared men in the NFL, but it looks like he has a fear of  condoms, as he has a total of 6 children with an unknown number of women.


Marshall Faulk: 6 children, with 4 women.

Marshall ran up a lot of things in his heyday. He rushed for over over 12,000 yards and scored 100 rushing touchdowns when playing for the Rams and the Colts, but the recent Hall of Fame inductee (2011) also ran up in his share of women. He fathered six kids with three different ladies. Run Marshall, run!


Shawn Kemp: 7 children, with 6 different women.

Shawn Kemp is easily one of the most talented, yet reckless players in the NBA. It’s sad that this man let his talents go to waste as he couldn’t stay out of trouble. He has been arrested multiple times for drug possession. Shawn was known for having a lot of fun and his outlandish coke habits. Legend has it that Shawn used to do coke before games as a warm up.

Shawn not only had trouble staying out of trouble, he had trouble staying outside of women as well. Over the years, Shawn has fathered a total of 7 children, with 6 different women. Some sources say he may have as much as 11, but this is not confirmed.


Mike Tyson: 8 children, with an unknown number of women.

Under the belt of the baddest man on the planet is a number of heavyweight titles won by knocking out each courageous clown who dared entered the ring with him. But also under that same belt is a potent member that’s sired a total of eight kids with an undetermined number of ladies.


Vladimir Guerrero: 8 children, with 4 different women.

Vladimir Guerrero was known for a variety of things. First, the former Major League Baseball player was a key member of the Montreal Expos for a number of years. The right fielder had a cannon for an arm and could gun down any runners trying to snag an extra base. At the plate, he was known as one of the best bad-ball hitters in the game. At the same time, Guerrero also had 8 children with 5 different women. Guerrero could stop any baserunner in their tracks, but apparently, nobody could stop him from procreating. That’s a lot of kids and a lot of baby mamas to deal with on Christmas.


Muhammad Ali: 9 children, with 5 different women.

The Greatest was always known for his ability to turn a phrase, and apparently his smooth talking talents made him popular in a couple other ways as well. Ali is the father of seven daughters and two sons with five different women. If that number seems unbelieveably high to you, just remember that impossible is nothing for this man.


Antonio Cromartie: 14 children, with an unknown number of women.

Antonio Cromartie was a shut down corner that could keep up with almost any wide receiver in the league. Although he provided great coverage on the field, covering his own dick seems to be too much of a task for this star. Even after having a vasectomy after his 11th child didn’t stop his sperm from inseminating 3 more eggs!

However remembering the name of his 7 children seems to be more difficult than his one-on-one match ups with the best receivers. Here is a video of Antonio’s pitiful attempt to name his children.


Jason Caffey: 10 children, with 8 different women.

In the year 2004, Jason was bought out by the Milwaukee Bucks for a cool $11 million. Since he was officially out of a job, Jason had time to pursue his true passion: impregnating women. Over the years, Jason put in work as he fathered 10 children, with 8 different women. He was well on pace to create his own 12 man basketball roster until paying all that child support slowed down his flow. Hey, at least look at the bright side, he has two starting rotations.

Willis McGahee: 10 children, with 8 different women.

Willis McGahee came out of the “U” with a lot of hype. The Miami Hurricane was so good, that despite getting injured in the national championship game, he was still taken in the first round of the NFL Draft. McGahee’s NFL career lasted 11 NFL seasons, a number of which were highly productive. As productive as McGahee was on the gridiron, he was equally productive off the field: as in, reproductive. McGahee is said to have as many as 9 kids with 8 different baby mamas.

Travis Henry: 11 children, with 10 different women.

Travis Henry was never one to quite grasp the idea of safe sex or sobriety, as he is one reckless person. He played running back for the Denver Broncos and led the league in marijuana-related suspensions. To his credit, Travis had a unique skill of finding the hole and busting through it, both on and off the field.

Although he did play football, he should’ve considered basketball as a possible career. This man can clearly average a double double as he had 11 children with 10 different women.

Evander Holyfield: 11 children, with an unknown number of women.

Evander Holyfield is one of the most iconic figures in the sport of professional boxing. He owes a lot to his natural talent and his ability to take hits. Although he sacrificed his ear and lost the majority of his brain cells throughout his career, there is one thing this man did not lose and that was his sperm count. Evander must have been a big soccer fan, as he fathered a total of 11 children — enough to have a whole soccer team. Why buy a team when you can make your own, right?

Calvin Murphy: 14 children, with 9 different women.

Calvin Murphy easily takes the title. This was a man on a mission and it seems that he had no problem dipping his dong into anything that moved. As if wetting his whistle wasn’t enough, this man obviously had no sense for the use of condoms. Maybe he just didn’t know they existed, but who cares?

Looks like Calvin wanted to own his own basketball team, but realized it might be cheaper if he just produces one. Not only did he produce a full 12-man roster, but he created two more because we all know every team needs a water and towel boy. Calvin we tip our hats to you.


11 Wild Beliefs About Sex That People In History Had

1. For a long time, a lot of cultures believed that women could be cursed with fanged vaginas.

Various versions of the myth of the "vagina dentata" have appeared everywhere from Chile to South Africa to Japan and Greece. Some cultures blamed curses, others blamed a variety of divine causes.

2. Scientists once believed that there was a very tiny little man inside of each sperm cell.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, scientists believed in the popular theory of preformationism, which posited the idea that each sperm contained a miniature individual inside of it.

3. People also used to believe that masturbation was the cause of most unexplained illnesses...

In the 18th century, many so-called doctors believed that masturbation was to blame for a number of illnesses like blindness, epilepsy, fainting, memory loss and even sudden growth spurts in children.

4. As well as underdeveloped breasts!

In1875, Dr. John Cowan wrote in The Science of New Life that women who masturbated regularly probably had glandular developmental problems, and one of the side effects of this condition was poor breast development.

5. Breakfast cereal was invented, amongst many reasons, to help people control the urge to masturbate.

John Harvey Kellogg (yes, THAT Kellogg) was a fervent anti-masturbation activist, and anti-sex in general. He even wrote a book listing 39 collateral effects caused by masturbation.

To him, certain types of food, like meat, induced the increase in sexual desire, while other foods, like cereals, served to reduce this compulsion. That's how he came to the conclusion that the secret to a healthier life would be to focus on diet, and throughout his life, he developed a whole array of different breakfast cereals.

6. "Hysteria," which was considered to be a mental disturbance exclusive to women up until the 1950s', was supposedly caused by the uterus trying to move around the body.

Per recommendations from Hippocrates in 460 B. C., the condition could be taken care of by snorting on a little bottle filled with aromatic salts. The pungent odor of the salts would be able to make the uterus return to its rightful place.

7. Hysteria continued to be considered a legitimate condition for many years, and one of its many treatments included "physician-assisted" masturbation...which led to the invention of the vibrator.

Doctors in the 19th century found that massaging the genitals of sexually frustrated women was effective — but their hands ended up cramping up! Enter: Mechanical substitutes and eventually, the first electric vibrator.

8. It was also once believed that women shouldn't work in the food industry or be around certain kinds of products while menstruating, because their blood was supposedly toxic.

In 1919, Dr. Bela Schick presented Austria with the concept of the menotoxin, a toxic substance found in menstrual blood. For this reason, the doctor believed, women who are menstruating shouldn't work with bread dough, beer, wine or even deal with flowers, since the toxin would completely ruin these products.

9. People also used to believe that a woman could only get pregnant if the sex was consensual.

This myth can be found in legal texts from the 16th century. But even in the 19th century, Dr. Samuel Farr's book on medical jurisprudence touched on these very ideas: "Without lustful excitement or the experiencing of pleasure during the carnal act, pregnancy of any sort cannot result. So, if a rape has indeed taken place, the woman cannot get pregnant."

10. Stress caused by studying could also harm the uterus, supposedly.

In the 19th century, a member of the Harvard University of Medicine, Henry H. Clark, wrote that women couldn't deal with the same knowledge as men, and that if they attempted to educate themselves, they could stress their brains out and "disable their uteri."

11. And, to round out this list of totally wild myths, here's one last one: scientists once believed that menopause happens because men didn't find older women attractive.

In 2013, the biologist Rama Singh, together with Richard Morton and Jonathan Stone of McMaster University in Canada became famous for all the wrong reasons when they published a study that posited that older women became infertile at menopause because men no longer found them attractive.

Funny Stand-Up Comedy Bit About Being A Single Canadian Woman

Funny Stand-Up Comedy Bit About Being A Single Canadian Woman

We're not worried about Amanda Brooke Perrin's dating life because she's really funny and can do a really solid Australian accent.

81 Girls In Bikinis Are A Hot Combination

81 Girls In Bikinis Are A Hot Combination -




16 Hollywood Actresses That Were Ruthlessly Bullied By Men On Classic Movie Sets

16 Hollywood Actresses That Were Ruthlessly Bullied By Men On Classic Movie Sets

Notable actresses like Jessica Chastain and Patricia Arquette have joined the 21st century fight for women's equality in Hollywood, but sexism on movie sets has been going on since movies were first invented. Everything from harassment to fat shaming celebrities was common, even way back in the 1920s. Whether these horrible stories arose from the outrageous abuses of the old studio system or the out-of-control egos of leading men, sexism in old Hollywood was as commonplace as it was awful.

Behind-the-scenes drama on classic movies often came from scandals, many of which destroyed stars' careers. Some movie actresses never worked in the industry again after their experiences with male entitlement on movie sets. The stars who did continue on after dealing with sexism could expect the same type of treatment on the next set.

Women in movies are still fighting for equal pay, recognition for their work, and job opportunities, but systemic sexism in Hollywood clearly can't be solved overnight. Perhaps looking at the sexist experiences of these actresses from some classic films will help everyone in the industry move towards a fairer, safer environment.

30 Pregnant Women, But Their Husbands Are Not The Father

30 Pregnant Women, But Their Husbands Are Not The Father


People Lose It Over Calling Vaginas Front Holes

People Lose It Over Calling Vaginas Front Holes -


Another day, another reason to throw your phone in a blender and crank that thing to seven. And what is it today you ask, well, it's that thing in your pants, you know that thing with a hole it in. No, not your penis boys, but you ladies, it's your vagina.


In a recent LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide published by, Healthline the term front hole was used as an alternative for the word vagina. And many people after hearing this term for the first time simply couldn't believe it was true.  The quote read as follows.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve chosen to include alternative words for readers to use for their genitals. For example, some trans men choose to use the words “front hole” or “internal genital” instead of “vagina.”

Many people thought it was an elaborate 4chan joke that somehow got picked up by the mainstream. And others thought the term 'front hole' was even too good for the noobs of 4chan to come up with on their own. But what some people may not know is that the alcoholic comedian Doug Stanhope actually coined the word back in 2010.


It didn't take long for Healthline to write a follow-up article titled, We're Not Renaming The Vagina because yeah some people seriously thought they were. No, front hole is a word transpeople use to talk about their genitalia, it has nothing to do with you and so you honestly shouldn't even bother, but when does that ever happen. So here are some reactions to the Earth-shattering, trans-inclusive term Front Hole.








Sex Therapists Dish On What They Wish People Knew

Sex Therapists Dish On What They Wish People Knew -


“Erectile dysfunction is more common for young men than society thinks. Sildenafil (viagra) and other ED drugs are not only prescribed to old men.”



“How feeling sexy comes from being sexy, so scheduled sex today can lead to delightfully spontaneous sex tomorrow. Too many people settle into the cold comfort of a minimally maintained relationship, and let the friendship and sexy side of a relationship wither.”



“Sex is just as mental as it is physical. Being in a good mood, with no stress in the back of your mind, having a good healthy meal that day and focusing on arousing thoughts and imagery (consistently) hours before sex (or even longer). This will make your sex life better, male/female, relationship/hookups.”



“Having expectations doesn’t make you selfish or needy, it makes you a person. Sex is a big part of a relationship, and acknowledging its importance doesn’t make you shallow. Furthermore, you are setting your partner up for failure and yourself up for disappointment if you are not making your expectations known.”



“If you only knew how many times I’ve heard a spouse tell another spouse ‘You like that TOO?’ It sounds completely moronic, and you’ve heard it a million times, but communication in the bedroom is paramount.”



“If you’re taking a depression or anxiety medication its common to not have as high of a sex drive as before. Understand it has nothing to do with the relationship.”


“Everyone needs to learn about “sexual concordance”. What a body does, and how you feel/think about it are often two different things. Understanding how sexual concordance happens is probably the single greatest gift you can give yourself and your partner(s) current and future.

For men, generally, they tend to be more sexually concordant than women. Women, generally, are not quite as sexually concordant as men. For many people, a sexy situation doesn’t always = arousal. Sometimes, for both sexes, something that shouldn’t–for whatever reason–be arousing is, and vice versa.”



“It’s amazing how some problems seem to disappear (or at least, lessen in severity) once a couple resumes intimacy after a dry spell.”



“For couples with mismatched sex drives (which is the majority of couples)- ask yourself whether or not, when you really get things going, you enjoy having sex. If the answer is yes, remind yourself of that when your partner makes advances. In a lot of cases you will find that you don’t want to start having sex, not that you don’t want to be having sex.”



“So many guys are worried about premature ejaculation. Reality? PiV sex lasts typically 3-5 minutes. Lasting “longer” needing to go “longer” is a myth.”




“That going deep too fast sometimes does not feel good. It feels like your being punched in the cervix”




“BDSM doesn’t equate to abuse, or domestic violence, or imply a trauma history. Conversely? Abuse & domestic violence are not BDSM.”




“Sex is like an oil change. It will not fix a broken relationship, but it is part of good maintenance.”




“You get to define what is “normal” when it comes to sexuality. As long as it’s consensual, go for it! Source: AASECT Certified Sex Therapist that sees a lot of kinky folk.”




“It’s ok to practice. Give each other a break if you mess it up. Starting a sexual encounter doesn’t obligate you to finish it. You can’t wait to have sex until your wedding night and then expect him/her to be a dynamo. You can’t bully someone into getting an erection/orgasm.”





“Low desire is often complex, but in the majority of cases, the low-desire partner is running on empty. For most women, and an increasing number of men, desire for sex isn’t as spontaneous as it might have been when they were younger, had fewer responsibilities, or were newly into a relationship.”



“No one cares about penis size but men, because they’re all virtually the same. It’s a very small range of sizes. There’s only a few outliers with giant dicks or very tiny dicks, and that’s an incredibly small percentage of men. The majority of men have a completely normal, average dick. So who cares? Just learn how to fucking use it and you’ll be fine.”



“You know that kink you have you think is weird? It’s not. You have no idea how much I deal with people who think the majority of the world has vanilla sex. The truth is, most of my clients have extremely bizarre kinks, and that’s okay. Express this. It’s vital to you and your partner’s happiness.”





11 Things About Sex Everyone Should Know

11 Things About Sex Everyone Should Know -


Most of us had to sit through some sort of sex education class. I remember we spent a week on it my freshman year of high school health and it was the most awkward, hysterical week of my entire school career. Not only that, but most of the knowledge I gained was neither helpful nor particularly humorous–or up-to-date for that matter. The following facts, however, are informative and provocative. This is the kind of shit they should be teaching!


The average man lasts a staggering six minutes in bed. The average obese man, however, lasts a full 7.3 minutes. Another reason to rock that dad bod! Wondering why this is the case? Scientists believe overweight people have higher levels of the female sex hormone oestradiol. This chemical imbalance in men inhibits the male orgasm.



Pillow talk isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, most of the time is bullshit apparently. This is believed to be cause by the fact that we’re all trying to impress our partners, ensuring the deed happens and that they’re having a good time.



This has been somewhat alleviated through engineering and changing designs, but the pressure of the bicycle seat against a man’s groin can lead to permanent decrease in sexual function.



All those radio waves and junk floating in the air seem to be killing off our swimmers. Pesticides and other hormone-disrupting chemicals as well as diet, stress, smoking and obesity are also largely to blame.



According to this study, those who make more money tend to have more sex. This study did, however, focus on Greece which could lend more or less credence to it depending who you ask.



Since shaved or waxed skin is so much more vulnerable to tearing and cuts, it’s far easier for infections to set in.



The spasms of a female orgasm help to push sperm into the cervix. So, if you’re trying to make a little person, make sure you please your woman completely.



… but the right is usually larger. There are many theories for why this is the case, such as each testicle being a different size and length so they don’t press against each other and can better control temperature.



That’s right, each man has enough swimmers to knock up every woman on Earth. Is this nature’s way of fighting extinction in case you ever are literally the last man on Earth?



But not just that, many other tissues in your body swell also. This is caused by the increased blood flow to blood vessels throughout your body.




25 Filthy Sex Memes Anyone With A Dirty Mind Needs To See

25 Filthy Sex Memes Anyone With A Dirty Mind Needs To See -



84 Interesting Orgasm Facts

84 Interesting Orgasm Facts -

    • The word “orgasm” is from the Greek word orgasmos, which is defined as “to swell with moisture, be excited or eager.”[3]
    • An orgasm is the “buildup of pleasurable body sensations and excitement to a peak intensity that then release tensions and creates a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.”[2]
    • Orgasms feel generally similar for men and women. The two body parts primarily involved in orgasms, the penis and clitoris, are homologous, meaning they both originate from the same tissue in the developing embryo. Additionally, the spinal cord and brain are connected to the penis and clitoris by the same nerve route—a pair of pudendal nerves.[4]
    • Not all orgasms feel the same. Because the genitals are connected to several different pairs of nerves, stimulating different combinations of nerves produces different sensations. Additionally, orgasms are affected by cognitive, psychological, and pharmacological variables.[2]
    • A “blended” orgasm is an orgasm that occurs when two or three regions of the genital area have been stimulated, creating an additive effect. For example, in women, the clitoris is connected mainly to the pudendal nerves, the vagina mainly to the pelvic nerves, and the cervix to the hypogastric, pelvic, and vagus nerves. Stimulating them together can create a more encompassing, “blended” orgasm.[4]
    • Most researchers agree that Kegel exercises (named after gynecologist Arnold Kegel) increase the likelihood of orgasm. Kegels exercise the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles.[2]

    • Men’s orgasms stimulate the same area of the brain as does heroin in an addict’s brain, strongly suggesting that sex can be addictive.[2]
    • Multiple orgasms are orgasms that occur in close succession, from a few seconds to a few minutes apart. Multiple orgasms are more frequently associated with women; however, men can experience them as well. In fact, Chinese documents from in 2968 B.C. describe men’s multiple orgasms.[4]
    • Using condoms does not affect the quality of an orgasm. A woman is equally likely to experience an orgasm with or without a condom. If a man is resistant to wearing a condom, partners may consider manual stimulation first.[4]
    • According to Planned Parenthood, 30% of women have had trouble reaching an orgasm. As many as 80% have difficulty reaching orgasm through vaginal intercourse.[2]
    • Orgasms can be elicited from various regions of the body—including the penis, clitoris, vagina, G-spot, cervix, prostrate, nipples, breasts, and anus—as well as from visual stimulation, auditory stimulation, and mental imagery.[6]
    • Orgasms do not stop at a certain age. Some people can experience orgasms past the age of 90.[4]
    • The time it takes to reach an orgasm varies considerably. Orgasm also depends on a variety of factors such as age, sexual experience, and drugs. Men typically require 2–10 minutes to reach orgasm (though men who experience “delayed orgasms” may need an hour or more of stimulation). While women typically require a more prolonged period of stimulation before an orgasm (often 20 minutes), some women can have an orgasm within 30 seconds of self-stimulation.[6]
    • While the time it takes to reach orgasm is different for different people, the length of the orgasm itself is more similar. In one study, women’s orgasms lasted 18 seconds on average, and men’s orgasms lasted about 22 seconds. Another study found that a woman’s orgasms last about 3–15 seconds, while a man’s orgasm is shorter.[6]
    • Approximately 15%–20% of American women have never had an orgasm.[6]

No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.

- Betty Friedan

    • The duration of an orgasm is usually just seconds for both men and women, but multiple factors influence exactly how long it will last, including age, period of sexual abstinence, type of sexual stimulation, and whether the orgasm is from masturbation or intercourse.[2]
    • In one study, 85% of men reported that their partner had an orgasm. However, only 64% of their female partners reported experiencing an orgasm, creating what some sexologists call an “orgasm gap.”[1]
    • Different religions recommend different times for people to engage in marital coitus (and, presumably, orgasm). For men, the following recommendations were made: 1) Zoroaster (Persian religious leader), once in 9 days; 2) Hindu authorities, 3–6 times per month; 3) Solon, Athenian statesman and poet, 3 times per month; 4) the Koran, once per week; 5) the Talmud, once per day to once per week, depending on occupation; and 6) Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism, twice per week.[2]
    • How often a person experiences orgasm varies considerably among different peoples and cultures. Some societies have recommended that men experience orgasm infrequently because orgasms and ejaculation are considered debilitating. Other societies have considered orgasm and sexual activities as highly beneficial for vigor and health.[4]
    • The duration of an orgasm tends to decrease as a person ages.[2]

    • Anorgasmia means “lack of orgasm.” This condition, where a person cannot achieve orgasm, can affect both men and women.[3]
    • After a man experiences an orgasm, there is a “refractory period,” when they can’t have another orgasm (although some men can experience multiple orgasms). The “recharge time” depends on age, sexual partner, and sexual experience.[2]
    • There is a clear relationship between a woman’s age and the likelihood she’ll experience an orgasm. In a 1994 U.K. study of 436 women, 63% of women 35-39 years old experienced orgasm during more than half of or all of their sexual interactions. Only 21% of women 55-59 reported this frequency. Five percent of the younger women but 35% of the older women had not experienced an orgasm at all.[2]
    • One man reported six successive orgasms (with decreasing volume of semen) in less than 40 minutes.[4]
    • Orgasms have been reported by stimulation after male-to-female or female-to-male transsexual surgery.c[2]
    • Nongenital orgasms have been reported by people who are under the influence of psychedelic drugs.[4]
    • People who experience orgasms often look like they are pain. In fact, two of the brain regions that are activated by pain are also activated during orgasm, perhaps accounting for the curious similarity of facial expressions. Scientists are unsure how the brain distinguishes between pain and pleasure.[4]
    • Female ejaculation is not urine (though women may expel urine during an orgasm). It resembles diluted fat-free milk and has a sweet taste. Although the volume may seem large during an orgasm, the total amount of liquid released during an orgasm usually is not over 1 teaspoon (4 ml).[2]
    • For some women, stimulation of the nipples and breasts can increase the likelihood of having an orgasm and increase its intensity. However, in some women, this stimulation has no effect or a negative effect.[2]
    • Orgasms can relieve pain, albeit for only about 8–10 minutes afterwards. However, even thinking about sex can relieve pain.[1]

    • The world record for a woman masturbating to orgasm is 6 hours and 30 minutes. The world record for man masturbating to orgasm is 8 hours and 30 minutes.[5]
    • Approximately 47% of women experienced their first orgasm through masturbation. The average age to experience it is 18.[2]
    • Two types of fluid are associated with women’s orgasm: vaginal lubricant and female ejaculate.[2]
    • During sex, vaginal lubricant seeps into the vagina canal from blood capillaries in the vaginal lining (a process called transudation). Antihistamines may interfere with vaginal lubrication in the same way they inhibit a runny nose.[2]
    • During an orgasm, a woman may experience ejaculation regularly, rarely, or never. In other words, while female ejaculation is normal, it is not universal. One research study, however, suggests that all women ejaculate during orgasms, though the volume is usually too small to be noticed.[2]
    • Women who feel less secure in their relationship are less likely to orgasm.[1]
    • Aristotle is considered to be the first to write about female ejaculation. Galen, the famous Greco-Roman physician and philosopher, also knew about it in the 2nd century AD.[3]
    • Before restrictions were imposed on this type of research, orgasms were produced by direct electrical or chemical stimulation of the brain.[3]
    • Orgasms have been reported unexpectedly by electrical stimulation of the spine, initially done for pain control.[3]
    • Researchers note that a woman might be more likely to become pregnant if she has an orgasm. An orgasm increases a suction produced by wave-like contractions of the uterus that draw in ejaculated semen that has been deposited near the cervix.[2]

    • Orgasms can be produced in women and men with spinal cord injuries by a loved one caressing hypersensitive nongenital skin zones near the site of their injury.[3]
    • Body positions during vaginal intercourse can affect orgasm in women.[4]
    • The French refer to an orgasm as the le petit mort—“the little death.”[4]
    • While most couples say the penis size does not affect a woman’s orgasm, some women say the length and, most importantly, the girth of a penis is important. However, just as penises vary in size and shape, so do vaginas. So size preference, or the idea of a “good fit,” is hard to generalize.[2]
    • Orgasms are affected by a woman’s menstrual cycle. Researchers at Yale report that when a woman is not menstruating, her orgasms during intercourse produce traveling wave-like uterine contractions that can suck semen into the uterus. By contrast, during menstruation, orgasms produce uterine contractions that travel in the opposite direction, which pushes debris out of the uterus instead of sucking inward.[2]
    • Studies show that the application of a transdermal androgen patch, which is designed to release low amounts of testosterone through the skin and into the bloodstream, has positive effects on a woman’s orgasm and sexual satisfaction. This is especially true for postmenopausal women, women who have had their ovaries removed, and women who have an androgen-insufficiency disorder.[2]

    • Both men and women can delay orgasm through a variety of ways. For example, in some practices of Hinduism—such as Tantra, which emphasizes sexual intercourse for religious purposes—techniques allow some individuals to control ejaculation and orgasm.[4]
    • Scientists have created a neuro-stimulation device for woman that can deliver remote-controlled orgasms.[2]
    • Ejaculation and orgasm don’t necessarily require an erection. Many men who have had surgery for prostate cancer are able to experience orgasm without an erection.[2]
    • Scientists are unsure why some men experience significantly increased sensitivity and even pain of the penis after orgasm.[2]
    • Women sometimes experience orgasms while giving birth. These orgasms have been called “birthgasms.”[2]
    • Men can have an orgasm without the stimulation of his penis. In fact, most men have experienced an orgasm while asleep (also known as a wet dream). Additionally, in rare cases (3 or 4 men out of 5,000), men have had an orgasm without tactile stimulation while awake.[2]
    • Some men who practice a specialized form of rapid breathing and Tantric meditation (“fire breath”) reportedly have experienced orgasm without physical genital stimulation.[2]
    • Ancient Egyptians believed that the god Atum created the world through masturbating and that the Tigris River was formed by the semen of a god.[2]
    • Due to surgery, psychosexual/psychological trauma, certain medications, or neurological damage, some men can experience orgasm with no ejaculatory fluid expelled, and others can ejaculate without feeling an orgasm. And yet other men can voluntarily separate their orgasm from ejaculation. For example, Tantric sex teaches a man to delay his ejaculation until he feels ready, even through an orgasm.[2]
    • A recent study shows that the ability to climax may be linked to genetics.[2]

    • While orgasms usually result from genital stimulation, orgasm can occur from nongenital stimuli as well, including 1) thinking of an orgasm; 2) orgasms experienced during meditation; 3) orgasms produced by stimulating any part of the body, including mouth, lips, nipples, anus, shoulder, or toe; 4) orgasms during childbirth; 5) orgasms during defecation and “forceful urination; and (6) one woman reported having orgasms while brushing her teeth.[2]
    • A typical orgasm produces about 5 ml, or 1 teaspoonful, of semen.[2]
    • Different types of illegal and legal drugs affect orgasms in both positive and negative ways. Steroids (especially testosterone), Yohimbine, cocaine, and dopamine have positive or stimulating effects on orgasms. On the other hand, antidepressant drugs have a negative effect.[2]
    • Men and women with spinal cord injuries, with no nerve connections between their external genitals and their brain, have experienced orgasms while asleep.c[2]
    • The clear fluid that comes out of the penis before ejaculation is called pre-ejaculate. It can be so abundant as to fill 1/5 of a teaspoon. Medieval writers called it “the distillate of love.”[2]
    • While orgasms are felt in the brain, the orgasmic process involves virtually every body system. Researchers note that the brain is the “conductor of the orgasmic orchestra.”[2]
    • At least eight species of female primates show signs that they experience orgasms, including behavior responses (a “climax face”) and physiological responses such as uterine contractions, contractions of tissues surrounding the vagina, and increased heart and respiratory rate.[2]
    • The book The Fundamentals of Sex claims that it is possible for some women to experience orgasms up to 100 times in an hour.[4]

    • Scientists can infer a woman’s history of vaginal orgasm by the way she walks.[7]
    • The Prague Sex Machines Museum has over 200 objects and machines, including some from hundreds of years ago, that have helped people achieve orgasms and sexual satisfaction.[2]
    • An orgasm burns just 2–3 calories, though a person can burn around 50 calories in the activity leading up to the orgasm.[4]
    • For men, having an orgasm two or more times a week is a sign that he is more likely to live longer.[2]
    • When former vice president of the U.S. Nelson A Rockefeller died of a heart attack during sex with a much younger woman in a hotel room, people began to wonder if orgasms caused heart attacks or “death in the saddle.” Orgasms don’t seem to be directly linked to heart attacks, although the physical exertion leading up to an orgasm could trigger heart stress—especially if the man is married but is with a non-spouse in an unfamiliar setting after consuming a big meal and alcohol. In fact, 70% of coital deaths have occurred during extramarital intercourse.[4]
    • While orgasms have been linked to pain relief, they can also cause headaches known as “orgasmic headaches.” Physicians note that these are similar to headaches after exercise and are caused by a temporary rise in blood pressure and muscle spasms of the neck and scalp.[2]
    • San Francisco’s Centre for Sex & Culture organizes an annual masturbate-a-thon. The participants meet at the center and masturbate for charity.[5]
    • No one knows with certainty why some men become so sleepy after an orgasm. A 175-pound man participating in vigorous sex for 30 minutes expends a mere 63 calories. If he had spent the same time jogging, he would have used 288 calories. Researchers speculate the brain releases chemicals, such as prolactin, which causes sleepiness. On the other hand, women report feeling less tired than men after an orgasm.[2]

    • A hysterectomy may affect a woman’s’ ability to have an orgasm. While the nerves that convey sensation from the clitoris are likely to remain undamaged, the nerves that convey sensation from the vagina are more likely to be damaged.[2]
    • Circumcision doesn’t seem to affect a man’s ability to have an orgasm. However, a woman whose partner has a foreskin may experience increased duration and comfort, which increases the likelihood of experiencing single and multiple orgasms.[2]
    • According to one study, clitoral piercing, or piercing of the clitoral sheath (hood or prepuce) does not negatively affect orgasm.[2]
    • Research indicates that 67% of women fake orgasm.[6]
    • Using the term “achieve” to describe an orgasm may put pressure on sexual partners to always achieve an orgasm—so, sexual health experts use the word “experience” instead.[2]
    • The record for the most female orgasms in a single masturbation session was reportedly 49 from a woman in London in 2006.[5]
    • Around 75% of women need clitoral stimulation and are unable to orgasm through intercourse alone.[6]
    • Some scientists believe that not every woman has a G-spot. The G-spot is typically believed to be located 1–2 inches up on the inside wall of the vagina. It is usually pea-sized but can grow to be the size of a walnut.[2]

  • At the moment of orgasm, certain areas of the brain shut down, including the area that process fear and “vigilance for danger.” Levels of self-control and moral reasoning also decrease.[2]
  • When a woman orgasms, her body produces four times the normal amount of oxytocin, the chemical that stimulates bonding.[4]
  • According to a University of Kansas survey in 2009, about 25% of men reported faking an orgasm.[6]
  • Almost all women who could reach orgasm before cancer treatments can do so after treatments.[2]



Women-Only Network Appoints Male Chairman

Women-Only Network Appoints Male Chairman


A networking group with the aim of supporting female leaders has been criticised for appointing a male chairman.

AllBright announced that Allan Leighton, chairman of the Co-operative Group, had taken the role.

The privately-run group describes itself as "the network for working women in the UK".

Co-founder Debbie Wosskow defended the decision, saying that to create change you "need to bring men with you".

The group was founded in 2016 by Debbie Wosskow OBE, who launched home exchange website LoveHomeSwap, and Anna Jones, former chief executive of publishing house Hearst.

The London-based group's activities include a private members' club and an academy for helping women grow their businesses.

It has attracted well-known members, including actress Naomie Harris and newsreader Sarah-Jane Mee.

AllBright's women-only focus extends to exclusively sourcing the wine and art in its club from female producers.

"Of course we need men on board," comedian Kate Smurthwaite told the BBC's Today Programme.

"How can we get anywhere until men are willing to share their power? What I'm not entirely convinced about is having men in charge."

She suggested that by appointing a man, AllBright is allowing him to "take the public glory as it were, and have that high-profile role".

Celebrating women

Ms Wosskow, also speaking on Today, emphasised that the group's female co-founders remained in charge.

"There's a very, very interesting dynamic that takes place when women are signing men into a club that celebrates women," she said.

To support women with their business ideas, AllBright also manages an "angel syndicate network".

An angel investor is an early backer of a company that puts up money in return for a stake in the business.

Highlighting how early business investing is a male-dominated field, she added: "Only 14% of angel investors are women."

According to a recent report, the number of women in executive positions in the UK declined in 2018.

Cranfield School of Management's Female FTSE Index found just 30 women in full-time executive roles at FTSE 250 firms, down from 38 in 2017. The figures for FTSE 100 firms stayed the same, with 25 women holding executive roles at 22 companies.

The Women's Equality Party told the Times newspaper that the decision to appoint Mr Leighton "seems at odds with [AllBright's] mission to change the way the world thinks about female-led businesses".



40 Interesting Facts About Foreplay

40 Interesting Facts About Foreplay




    • Any act that creates and enhances sexual desire in a sexual partner—including kissing, touching, embracing, talking, and teasing—may constitute foreplay. Its definition is flexible and depends on individual sexual preferences and beliefs.[3]
    • A recent Australian study found that most women are more aroused by the idea of foreplay than sex itself.[12]
    • According to Shape magazine, women want foreplay to last 19 minutes. While men actually devote about 11 minutes to foreplay, they estimate it at 13 minutes.[16]
    • The U.S. has more laws regulating sexual behavior than all the European countries combined.[4]
    • Sex toys are banned in some states, such as Alabama. Flirting is banned in San Antonio, Texas. Oral sex is banned in Indiana. And sleeping naked is illegal in Minnesota.[10]
    • “Fundawear” is a type of eclectically engineered underwear with tiny electromagnetic vibrators that produce a momentary sensation when someone’s partner touches a smartphone key. The wearer feels a light vibration or gentle frisson, depending on whether his or her partner has touched or swiped the screen.[5]
    • There is an ultrasensitive border around the lips called the buccal nerve. Often overlooked, this area is extremely sensitive to touch. Clinical sexologists note this is a particularly erogenous area for foreplay in both men and women.[1]

    • Foreplay can make sex more comfortable. When a woman becomes aroused, the muscles actually pull the uterus up a bit, which makes more room in the vagina in a process called “vaginal tenting.”[14]
    • While the entire area between the jawline and shoulders is an erogenous zone, the small indention where the neck connects with the collarbone is particularly sensitive for foreplay.[1]
    • One of the most powerful nerves in the body is at the top of the inner thigh where the ilioinguinal nerve lies. Because it is incredibly sensitive, touching it during foreplay indirectly stimulates the genitals.[1]
    • When a male giraffe wants to mate, he will duck his neck all the way down and pat the female on her rear. This will induce the female to urinate. When she urinates, the male will then drink a mouthful to determine if she is ready to mate.[17]
    • Flatworms are hermaphrodites, which means they can both impregnate and be impregnated. Because the role of the female requires developing the eggs and raising the young, which is more work, flatworms fight for the right to be the male. After this type of “penis fencing,” the winner gets to choose the gender.[17]
    • To attract a female during mating season, a male porcupine will stand on his hind legs and spray her with a gush of urine from several feet away.[17]
    • The 2004 movie Foreplay is a porn film without sex. Four characters are trapped in a world of erotic encounters, without intercourse.[7]
    • Physicians note that touching the side of the torso from the bottom of the rib cage to the hips stimulates a powerful nerve that reflexively causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract in both men and women—which, in turn, helps increase arousal.[1]

A woman's body is like a violin and all, and that it takes a terrific musician to play it right.

- J.D. Salinger

    • A study in the Journal of Sex Research found that 100% of women and 95% of men polled consider touching as the number one way they know their partner wants to have sex.[12]
    • In a survey of 40,000 men, 90% of the respondents said the thing they found the sexiest was when a woman takes sexual initiative. Almost 75% agreed that a woman is most unattractive when she wears heavy makeup.[3]
    • Foreplay is not just about bodies. A person can create a more sensual experience by arranging a home or an apartment with sensual colors, flowers, candles, and music.[3]
    • During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church in the treatise De secretis mulierum (Women’s Secrets) gives a detailed account of foreplay. It includes making sure the bowels and bladder are empty and “fondling the woman’s lower parts in order to raise the female’s body heat to the correct temperature.” When the wife began to “speak as if she were babbling,” the husband should know to make his move.[15]
    • Roman baths were the focus of social get-togethers and catered to almost every activity, including swimming, exercise, philosophy, beauty treatments, and sex. Intercourse was common, but often attending the baths was a type of foreplay—a type of “naked leisure centers.”[9]
    • Food can act as foreplay. While there aren’t double-blind studies proving aphrodisiac properties exist in food, sexologists suggest feeding your partner traditional aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, chili peppers, asparagus, avocados, and oysters.[2]

    • According to Men’s Health, foreplay is to sex what stretching is to a workout: “easy to skip, but essential for great results.”[12]
    • For many women, foreplay is essential to orgasm. Only 30% of women are able to reach orgasm through intercourse alone.[12]
    • Researchers note that one foreplay strategy is to focus on one body part at a time. For example, a partner could make it a point to concentrate only on the other person’s back, trying different types of touching, from light touching to a massage.[3]
    • Foreplay is more than just touching or physical interaction—it also involves the brain, which is the largest sex organ. To help a partner think and fantasize about the other person, researchers suggest several strategies such as texting or emailing during the day—keeping in mind that texting or emailing is not always private.[11]
    • The clitoris has 18 parts. And it has 8,000 nerve endings, which is twice as many as the penis. Sex therapists Masters & Johnson proclaimed the clitoris not just a “love button” but “a unique organ in the total of humanity.”[12]
    • Intellectual foreplay means taking the time to discover a partner intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.[11]
    • Although kissing is one of the most basic forms of foreplay in the Western world, it is uncommon or completely absent in other cultures. In a survey of 190 societies, only 21 reported to engage in kissing on the mouth.[3]

    • Most of the nerve endings that contribute to the female orgasm are on the surface of the vulva and do not require penetration whatsoever to be stimulated to orgasm.[12]
    • In many countries, people are increasingly using sex toys such as pornography and vibrators during foreplay.[8]
    • Icelanders are the most likely to use vibrators (52%) during foreplay followed by the British (49%) and Norwegians (35%).[8]
    • Some cultures see oral sex as a natural part of sexual arousal and foreplay. Other cultures see it has horribly disgusting or morally wrong. Specifically, in much of the Western world, industrialized parts of Asia, and in islands of the South Pacific, oral sex is common. By contrast, parts of Africa view oral sex to be highly unnatural and many religions consider oral sex as sinful.[14]
    • Some of the most famous foreplay movie scenes include 1) when Jack draws Rose in Titanic, 2) Sharon Stone crossing her legs in Basic Instinct, 3) Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s pottery scene in Ghost, and 4) Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger’s steamy S&M scene in 9½ Weeks.[13]
    • Tantric sex is an expression of sexual energy that is over 1,500 years old. Originating in India, it is a set of teachings and practices that are designed to explore sexual energy. Foreplay is essential in Tantric sex because it allows for longer intimate sessions and the creation of more energy.[14]
    • The Hindu people of India avoid kissing because they believe that it symbolically contaminates intercourse. The Thonga of South Africa consider kissing revolting. Additionally both the North American Eskimo and the people of the Trobriand Islands off the eastern coast of New Guinea rub noses rather than kiss.[4]

  • One author suggests that partners should engage in “choreplay” to help each other get in the mood for sex. Choreplay means vacuuming or cleaning to help the other person relax and break free from her or his to-do list.[12]
  • An old Alabama law bans men from attempting to seduce a “chaste woman by means of temptation, arts, deception, flattery, or promise of marriage.”[10]
  • A California law makes it illegal for either partner to reach climax before the other during foreplay.[10]
  • A 2008 Durex survey revealed that while the French have the most sex at 137 times per year, well above the global average of 103, the British and Germans spend the most time on foreplay at 22.5 minutes and 22.2 minutes, respectively. People in Thailand spend the least amount of time on foreplay at 11.5 minutes.[8]
  • Music can act as a type of foreplay. Some of the sexiest songs in 2014 are “Intro” by The XX, “Smart Is the New Sexy” by Zella Day, “Night Like This” by LP, “Let’s Get Started” by Dylan Gardner, and “From Eden” by Hozier.[6]

50 Surprising Vagina Facts

50 Surprising Vagina Facts


  • A vaginal “fart,” also called a “queef” or “vart,” is common. Unlike gas expelled from the rectum, which contains fecal waste and has an odor, vaginal flatulence is odorless and unrelated to the rectum (unless a woman has a rare rectovaginal fistula).[2]
  • Each vagina has its own smell. The smell depends on a variety of factors, including the combination of normal bacteria that live in the vagina, diet, types of fabric a woman wears, level of hygiene, how much a woman sweats, and gland secretions.[2]
  • The first inch or two of the vagina has the most nerve endings and is the most pleasure receptive.[3]
  • The speculum (Latin for “mirror”) dates back to 1300 B.C. Speculums have also been found in the ruins at Pompeii.[2]
  • The first movie to use the word “vagina” on film was the 1946 Disney animated film called “The Story of Menstruation.”[9]
  • Love and war have been historically linked
  • The word “vagina” is Latin for “sheath” or “scabbard.” The plural of vagina is vaginae or vaginas.[2]
  • One patient was so worried that she had lost something in her vagina, she used pliers to try to find it. She ended up pulling on and tearing her cervix, which required hours of surgery to repair. Most gynecologists recommend that if a woman thinks something is in her vagina, to lube up the fingers with K-Y jelly or olive oil and stick them all the way inside. If she or her partner can’t feel anything inside, chances are good that there’s nothing there. A woman should not be embarrassed to call a gynecologist for help.[5]
  • The pH (acid/base balance) of the vagina is around 4, which is the same pH as wine, tomatoes, and beer. Some things that change the pH of the vagina are vaginal infections, douching, soap, and exposure to semen.[2]
  • The largest vagina in history most likely belonged to Anna Swann (1846-1888). She was 7 feet and 5 inches tall and weighed 350 pounds. She gave birth to a 23-pound baby with a 19-inch head.[2]
  • In 2006, in the novel The Haunted Vagina, a woman’s vagina acted as a gateway to the world of the dead.[4]
  • In 2009, a healthy kidney designated for transplant was removed through the donor’s vagina at John Hopkins Medical Center. This type of surgery is considered less invasive because the kidney was removed through a natural opening. The more traditional surgery typically requires a 5-6 inch incision through the abdominal wall.[7]
  • Approximately one in 5,000-7,000 female babies are born without a vagina. Known as vaginal agenesis, the condition is sometime recognized at birth, but most of the time isn’t diagnosed until puberty.[2]
  • Researchers believe that pubic hair evolved to become either a type of sexual ornament or as a way to trap pheromones
  • Hair around the vaginal area grows only for three weeks. However, the hair on a person’s head can grow for up to seven years.[2]
  • Different vaginas have different smells at different times of the day. Right out of the shower, a vagina may not smell. After running or exercise, a vagina might smell musky from all the sweat glands. A menstruating vagina may smell like iron, and when a vagina has an overgrowth of yeast, it may smell like bread. After intercourse, a vagina may smell faintly like bleach, as semen has a smell of its own. If there is an overgrowth of bacteria, the vagina may smell like fish.[5]
  • The etymology of the word “cunt” is uncertain. Some scholars believe it derives from the Latin cuneus, “wedge,” or from the Proto-Indo-European *gwen, which is the root of “queen,” and the Greek gyne, “woman.”[5]
  • Approximately 30% of women have orgasms from vaginal intercourse. Some researchers claim that a vaginal orgasm may be a deep clitoral orgasm. Other researchers claim that vaginal and clitoral orgasms are completely different and activate different parts of the brain. The word orgasm is from the Proto-Indo-European root *wrog, meaning “to burgeon, swell with strength.”[3]
  • The vagina has over 1,000 nicknames, including “passion flower,” “pink pearl,” “ya ya,” “fish taco,” “crotch mackerel,” “cod canal,” “fish factory,” “fuzzy lap flounder,” “tuna town, “ “penis penitentiary,” “cum pocket,” “yoni,” “warehouse of warmth,” “warm slurpee,” the “V” thing,” “apple pie,” and “yum yum.”[5]
  • With over 1,000 nicknames, the vagina is one of the most obessed over body parts in history
  • In about 1 in 2,000 births, a girl is born with an imperforate hymen, which means there is no hole in the tissue to allow menses or discharge to pass through.[5]
  • Gynecologists say that there are natural ways to make a vagina smell fresher without douching, including 1) eliminate pubic hair; 2) wipe with baby wipes instead of toilet paper; 3) drink cranberry juice, which is a natural antibacterial; 4) go panty free or wear cotton panties to keep the vagina aired out; 5) take probiotics to keep vaginal flora healthy; 6) avoid panty hose and tight jeans; and 7) eat a healthy, vegetable-based diet. Foods such as coffee, asparagus, beets, alcohol, broccoli, onions, garlic, and curry can affect the smell.[5]
  • Painful sex (dyspareunia) is normal after a woman loses her virginity. But if the pain does not lessen and resolve after a while, other conditions may be involved, including vulvar vestibulitis (inflammation of the vestibule), vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles), allergic reactions to things such as latex condoms or spermicide, and endometriosis (when lining from the uterus gets on the ovaries, bowel, and pelvic lining). As women age, lower levels of estrogen can cause atrophic vaginitis, or thinning of the vaginae.[2]
  • Most gynecologists believe that masturbating is healthy and normal because it is safe sex, it releases stress, it is a mood booster, and it helps build pelvic floor muscles. However, there are exceptions. For example, one woman decided to masturbate with a banana. While masturbating, she put the stem side in first and lacerated her cervix, which required a hospital visit and sticthes. If a woman puts something inside, she should stick to smooth fingers, vibrators, and dildos.[2]
  • While each woman’s vagina is different, the average length of an unaroused vagina in a mature woman is between 2.5-3.0 inches wide and 3.5 inches long. The vagina can expand up to 200% during sexual intercourse and giving birth.[2]
Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.

- Betty White

  • The hymen is named after Hymen, the Greek goddess of marriage, and is the membrane that partially covers the vagina. The hymen serves to project the vagina before puberty. After puberty and once estrogen thickens the vaginal tissue, the hymen serves little functional purpose.[2]
  • In some cultures, a woman’s clitoris is cut off, the labia removed, and the vagina sewn shut, with the exception of a tiny hole (to allow for discharge). Widely condemned as genital mutilation, this horrific practice is done because it is believed it will make a woman more marriageable by both decreasing sexual desire and to ensure virginity.[6]
  • Vagina dentate is Latin for “toothed vagina” and refers to the folktales in some cultures about women whose vaginas have teeth that can bite off a penis. Symbolically, the stories are told as a cautionary tales to discourage sexual behaviors. They can also prey on castration anxiety as well as the fear that men may be diminished by a woman. However, on rare occasions, dermoid cysts (which are cysts that can contain hair, brain, thyroid, skin, and teeth) can migrate their way to the vagina, which can cause vagina denata.[5]
  • In a condition called pelvic prolapse, a woman’s vagina can literally fall out and hang between the legs. Pelvic prolapse, however, can often be fixed.[2]
  • Some researchers believe that the G-spot (the Grafenberg spot) lies two to three inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall (near the belly button), just under the urethra. They believe this area has a different texture than the rest of the vagina and may be a remnant prostate gland. Other researchers believe that the G-spot does not exist.[5]
  • Trichomoniasis is a vaginal infection caused by a sexually transmitted parasite. Symptoms include itching, burning, and excess discharge that is bubbly, greenish or grayish, and may smell bad. Over 3.7 million people in the United States have the disease, though only 30% have symptoms.[8]
  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV) causes the classic fishy smell in a vagina and is sometimes associated with discharge, odor, pain, itching and burning. It is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. Researchers do not fully understand how a woman develops BV, but know it is associated with an imbalance of the bacteria that are normally found in a woman’s vagina. Increased risk includes having a new sex partner or multiple partners and douching. A woman cannot get BV from toilet seats, bedding, or swimming pools, and women who have never had sexual intercourse can also be affected.[8]
  • While some cultures teach that vaginas are taboo or dirty places, one doctor notes that vaginas have also been celebrated through history and that “reclaiming the power and beauty is immensely liberating. Women, and the sexual distinctions that make us women, are the most powerful creative forces in the world.” Additionally, studies show that women who are more confident about their vaginas have better orgasms.[5]
  • There are several vagina symbols, including oysters, flowers, handbags, and the vesica pisces (the “vessel of the fish” that is often used as a Christ symbol).[2]
  • The vagina is a potential space, meaning that if nothing is holding it open, it collapses, like a sock without a foot in it.[3]
  • Some companies sell heavy metal balls, such as the Ben Wa Ball, that are used to tighten vaginal muscles. The ball is simply carried around in the vagina.[2]


  • Both sharks and vaginas have a substance called squalene. Squalene exists in shark livers and is also a natural vaginal lubricant.[2]
  • The vagina begins at the opening of the vulva (from the Proto-Indo-European *wel- “to turn, to revolve,” and is related to walzan “to waltz”) and ends at the cervix (from the Latin cervix, “the neck, nape of the neck”).[1][10]
  • Inside the vagina is a series of ridges produced by folds of the vagina called the vaginal rugae. They allow the vagina to extend and stretch.[5]
  • The vagina is self-cleaning and, consequently, physicians discourage douching. The vagina has colonies of mutually symbiotic flora and microorganisms that protect against dangerous microbes. Disrupting this balance can cause yeast infections, abnormal discharge, and more.[8]
  • The vagina is not an open conduit to the abdominal cavity. While tiny, microscopic sperm can swim through the opening of the cervix, a tampon will never fit. So it is impossible to lose a tampon, condom, or anything else in a vagina.[2]
  • A 27-year-old woman in 2011 was charged with possession of heroin after 54 bags of the drug were found inside her vagina.[11]
  • While rare, it is possible for a woman to develop an allergy to the proteins in semen. This condition is known as human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity. Most cases only involve itching and swelling after sex, but in some cases it can be life threatening. Research shows that certain women are allergic to certain men but not to others.


  • One patient came to a gynecologist complaining that vines were coming out of her vagina. The doctor examined her and found that vines were indeed coming out. When the doctor removed the object, she found that it was a potato that had sprouted vines. The patient told the doctor that her mother told her to put a potato in her vagina to prevent pregnancy.[5]
  • While vaginal discharge can help lubricate the vagina, it is different from the vaginal lubrication produced during sex. The lube comes from special, pea-sized ducts called Bartholin’s glands, which are located around the vaginal opening.[2]
  • Vaginas (like breasts, knees, and bottoms) can get saggy. Pregnancy, childbirth, age, hormonal changes, genetics, and years of gravity can weaken the supports of the female genital tract, which causes sagging. There are several ways to avoid sagging: 1) Kegel exercises, 2) maintaining a normal weight, 3) avoiding constipation, and 4) not smoking.[2]
  • Vaginal discharge does not contain any waste products. Instead it contains the following: fluid that seeps through the walls of the vagina, cervical mucus, uterine and tubal fluid, secretions from glands in the vulva, oil and sweat from vulvar glands, old cells from the walls of the vagina, and healthy bacteria. Vaginal discharge contains mostly salt water, mucus, and cells.[2]
  • The average amount of vaginal discharge a woman of reproductive age secretes over a period of eight hours weighs 1.55 grams (1 gram=¼ teaspoon). Every woman makes different amounts of vaginal discharge, though it varies depending on where a woman is in her cycle. A woman procures the greatest amount of discharge (1.96 grams) around the time of ovulation.[2]
  • While vulvas typically vary between women, most vaginas look alike.[2]
  • One gynecologist reported that a patient of hers regularly used her vagina as a purse. The woman would stuff it with a plastic baggie of pills, a wad of bills, a tube of lipstick, and a pen. The woman later admitted that she had been sexually abused as an eight-year-old.[5]
  • According to one gynecologist, the most unusual vagina she had ever seen was on a woman who had come in for labor and delivery. She actually had two vaginas, with two cervixes. One cervix was eight centimeters dilated. The other was completely closed. She had had no prenatal care, but her husband had told her for years that having sex with her was like having sex with two different women.[5]
  • When one gynecologist was asked what it was like looking at vaginas all day, she replied “Really, it’s just a bunch of different haircuts.”[5]


  • One patient visited a gynecologist complaining of vaginal itching and feeling like “something is moving around inside.” The examination revealed that there were two to three live maggots in her vagina. The gynecologists had no idea how the worms got into the vagina, but treated her with worming pills, cleaned the vagina, and told her not to put food products into her vagina. At her two-week checkup, the woman was free of maggots.[5]

10 Incredible Things Accomplished By Women Disguised As Men

10 Incredible Things Accomplished By Women Disguised As Men

Women, throughout most of history, haven’t shared the same opportunities as men. They’ve been relegated to their homes, with the doors that lead to the great deeds that get one’s name written into history firmly closed. At best, their names are remembered only by virtue of being somehow connected to a famous man.

But throughout those thousands of years of repression, there have been womenbubbling with abilities and ideas who’ve refused to stay shut out. In a world where only men were allowed to succeed, they cut their hair, put on pants, and accomplished things their brothers refused to believe could ever be done by a woman.

10 Rena Kanokogi: The Woman Who Won A Male Judo Competition

Photo credit: www.judophotos.com

From a young age, Rena Kanokogi (nee Glickman) wanted to be a judo master. Growing up in Brooklyn, she dedicated herself to martial arts, determined to become the best in the world.

There was just one problem: Rena was a woman. In the 1950s, when she started hungering to compete, there weren’t any judo competitions open to women—or, at least, none that were worth her while. But Rena didn’t let that stop her. She entered the 1959 New York State YMCA Judo Championship: a competition exclusively for men.

Women weren’t allowed in the competition because the judges considered them too frail and weak to compete against the men. Rena, though, didn’t just prove herself an equal—she proved herself better. She beat every man she fought and left with the gold medal around her neck.[1]

In the end, she was forced to give it up. The judges had an inkling that Rena was a woman, and when they asked, she told them the truth. Rena didn’t regret giving up the medal, though. She believed that, by telling the truth, she helped legitimize women’s judo, and that was far more important than any medal.

Rena went on to coach the women’s judo team during the 1988 Seoul Olympics and also became the first woman to become a seventh-degree black belt. Rena Kanokogi passed away in 2009 at the age of 74.

9 Dr. James Barry: The First Doctor To Perform A Successful C-Section

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

When Margaret Ann Bulky was born in Ireland in 1789, women were expressly forbidden to practice medicine. Her family, though, fell on hard times, and when the uncle who supported them died, she felt it fell on her shoulders to pull them through.

She took her uncle’s name, James Barry, and, passing herself off as him, enrolled in medical school. Her disguise made her a seem a bit eccentric. She draped herself in an overcoat no matter how hot the weather, spoke in an affected deep voice, and had 8-centimeter (3 in) inserts in all of her shoes—but she did well enough in her studies that her teachers let their lingering doubts go.

By the age of 22, she was an assistant surgeon in the military, and by 1857, she was the inspector general in charge of all military hospitals. She was one of the most successful medical experts of her day. In fact, she was the first surgeon to perform a caesarian section and get both the mother and baby through it alive.[2](Sources vary on whether she was the first to do so in Africa or in the British Empire.)

She left a request in her will asking to be buried in the clothes she died in, without having her body washed. Her wishes, though, were not followed, and as a nurse prepared her body for burial, she found out that one of the most respected men in medicine was actually a woman.

8 Khawlah Bint Al-Azwar: The Woman Who Led The Muslim Army Against The Byzantine Empire

Photo credit: The Odyssey Online

When the early Muslims led their armies against the Byzantine Empire in the seventh century, a young woman named Khawlah bint al-Azwar followed along.[3] Her brother, Dhiraar Ibn al-Azwar, was a commander in the army, and she came along as a nurse to make sure someone was ready to heal his wounds.

When her brother was captured, though, during the Siege of Damascus, Khawlah refused to let him rot in a prison cell and die. She put on armor, veiled her face, and took his place on the battlefield alongside the other men.

Khawlah fought so bravely and ferociously that the army’s general, Khalid Ibn Walid, personally met with her to recognize her as the hero of the battle. The whole army was shocked when she revealed her face.

Instead of kicking her out, though, Khalid let her lead a rescue mission to free her brother. Khawlah led a battalion of men into the Byzantine camp, rescuing her brother and every prisoner of war the Byzantines had captured.

Khawlah followed the army from then on, initially the only woman fighting in an army of men. That changed, though, when she was captured by the Byzantines and thrown into a prison for women. Khawlah armed her fellow prisoners with tent poles and pegs, leading her own crudely equipped female army in a violent jailbreak that ended with 30 Byzantine soldiers dead and countless women freed by their own strength.

7 Agnodice: The First Female Doctor Of Greece

Photo credit: Wellcome Trust

Ancient Greece was notoriously cruel to women. It was a place where women were expected to stay silent and obey their husbands, a place where they said: “The best reputation a woman can have is not to be spoken of.”

For a woman to practice medicine in Greece was absolute and complete gall. It was so contemptible that any woman who even tried would be sentenced to death. According to the Roman historian Gaius Julius Hyginus, though, one woman named Agnodice dared to do it anyway.

According to the story, Agnodice disguised herself as a man, studied medicine, and became one of the most successful doctors in Athens. She specialized in helping women in labor and was so popular with her patients that her male colleagues accused her of seducing them.

The men were so convinced she was luring away their patients through illicit means that they took her to court for sexually abusing patients. During the trial, though, Agnodice shocked the court by revealing that she was a woman—and guaranteeing herself a certain death.

Her patients saved her life. When word got out that Agnodice was to be executed, they flooded into the courthouse, insisting that Agnodice had revolutionized female health care. One woman told the courts: “You are condemning her who discovered health for us!”[4]

To everyone’s surprise, the courts listened. The story goes that Agnodice was allowed to live and to continue practicing medicine, and the law in Athens was changed. Because of her, women were finally allowed to become doctors.

6 One-Eyed Charley: The First Woman To Vote In The United States

Photo credit: The Gay Almanac

One-Eyed Charley was born Charlotte Parkhurst in 1812, but somewhere along the line, she changed her name. Charlotte put on a pair of pants and became One-Eyed Charley: one of the most feared names in the Wild West.

Unlike the other women in this list, One-Eyed Charley probably wasn’t just in disguise for a job. It’s believed that Charley self-identified as a man and decided to live as one. But man or woman, Charley made history.

One-Eyed Charley was one of the toughest, hardest-drinking cowboys on the American frontier. He’d lost his eye after being hoofed in the face by a horse, and it seemed to have left him bitter. He worked as a stagecoach driver and had a reputation for carrying guns and having an itchy trigger finger. The bandit Sugarfoot found that out firsthand when he tried to hijack One-Eyed Charley, only to find out that Charley was just as ready to put a bullet in someone’s stomach as Sugarfoot was—and twice as fast on the trigger.

Nobody questioned Charley’s gender until he died. Even for a man, he had an unusually deep and gruff voice. It wasn’t an affectation—Charley’s lifelong habit of chewing tobacco had left him with mouth cancer. That’s why it was such a shock when they got his body ready for burial and realized he’d been born a woman.

By then, though, Charley had already done something worthy of the history books. In 1867, he’d registered to vote in California—making him the first person born as a woman to cast a vote in an American election.[5]

5 Renee Bordereau: The Woman Napoleon Wanted Dead

Photo credit: Wellcome Trust

Renee Bordereau lost 42 family members to the French Revolution. Though the battle was for liberty and equality, the revolutionaries’ aim wasn’t always squarely aimed at the aristocracy. Many of the Bordereaus, a family of peasants, met their ends at their hands, including Renee’s father, who died before her very eyes.

When the Royalists revolted against the Revolutionaries in 1793, Renee Bordereau jumped on the opportunity for revenge. She put on a disguise, took her brother’s name of Hyacinthe, and charged into battle.

She was one of the most feared fighters in the Royalist army. She was famous for riding into battle with a horse’s bridle between her teeth so that her hands were free to carry a sword and a gun at the same time. It made her a brutal force to contend with—legend has it that, in her first battle alone, she killed 17 men.

The French thought she was invulnerable. She fought 200 battles and was so notorious that Emperor Napoleon put a 40,000-franc bounty on her head.[6]

In time, her brothers-in-arms realized that their greatest fighter was a woman. Still, they kept her on, with one soldier famously pointing her out by saying:

See that soldier who has sleeves of a color different from his coat? That’s a girl who fights like a lion.

4 Kathrine Switzer: The First Woman To Run In The Boston Marathon

Photo credit: www.jecoursqc.com

There was no women’s running team at Syracuse University in the 1960s, when Katherine Switzer was there, but she was determined to run anyway. She entered the only group they had, the men’s cross-country team, and immediately told her coach that she wanted to get ready to run the Boston Marathon.

At the time, women were banned from participating on the belief that they were too “fragile” to run a marathon, but Switzer was determined. Her coach didn’t think she could do it. Trying to dissuade her, he challenged her to run a full 42 kilometers (26 mi) in training—so Switzer, just to prove a point, ran 50 kilometers (31 mi) instead.[7]

To get past the judges, Switzer signed up for the 1967 Boston Marathon as “K.V. Switzer.” She showed up in a baggy sweatshirt, hoping to avoid attention—but her disguise wasn’t exactly the best. Switzer insisted on wearing lipstick while she ran, making it obvious to everyone who saw her that this was no man.

She got off to a great start, but while she was running, an official, furious that a woman was running the marathon, stormed onto the track and tried to tackle her, yelling: ”Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” The incident erupted into a full-on brawl as Switzer’s friends came out to help her. With all the commotion, she didn’t have much of a chance of winning—but out of sheer stubbornness, she ran the race to the end anyway.

She lost her first marathon, but she ran the Boston Marathon another seven times after that. She ran countless other marathons as well, with her greatest win coming in the New York City Marathon of 1974. Switzer didn’t just get first place—she finished a full 27 minutes before the next woman crossed the finish line.

3 Saint Marina: The Sainted Monk Who Was Secretly A Woman

Photo credit: Richard de Montbaston

When Saint Marina’s mother died, her father decided to give up everything and become a monk. Marina, with nowhere else to go, followed him into the monastery, disguising herself as man and calling herself “Marinos.”

In time, Marinos became a respected monk at the monastery. Years of developing a strong reputation, though, were shattered when a local innkeeper’s daughter came into the monastery pregnant, insisting that she’d been violated by Father Marinos.[8]

Obviously, Marina hadn’t impregnated the woman, but she refused to deny it. If she did, the baby would be doomed to a short life of neglect. And so, to make sure the child had a parent, Marina pretended to be his father and took him in.

She was kicked out of the monastery and sent out into the streets, where she had to beg to survive. Still, she did her best to take care of the child, working with so much devotion that, in time, her fellow monks invited her back in.

The child she raised became a monk himself, and the two lived in the monastery together until Marina’s death. It wasn’t until they started to prepare her body for burial that anyone realized she was a woman—and, clearly, innocent of all accusations.

2 Trotula Of Salerno: The World’s First Gynecologist

Trotula of Salerno has been called the world’s first gynecologist.[9] Way back in the 11th century, she was a respected physician in Italy, working as the chair of medicine at the School of Salerno. There, she published a whole series of books on health care, full of ideas that would change medicine for centuries.

She didn’t exactly have to dress like a man. Italy, at the time, accepted a small number of female doctors, and Trotula was able to work without hiding her gender. Her books, though, were another matter. The world struggled with the idea of reading a treatise on medicine written by a woman, so some were published under a man’s name.

She was responsible for countless breakthroughs in women’s health, with new ideas on supporting patients through menses, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. She introduced painkillers during childbirth when they were forbidden and was one of the first people to realize that men could be responsible for infertility.

In her own era, she earned a fair amount of respect as a woman—but as time went on, people refused to believe that woman was capable of the things that she had done. During the Renaissance, copies of her medical text were republished with a man’s name instead of her own. Even when she didn’t pretend to be a man, other people disguised her anyway.

1 Jeanne Baret: The First Woman To Circumnavigate The Globe

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Not every story ends well. The story of Jeanne Baret, the woman who dressed up as a man to travel around the globe, is a great moment in history—but it ends in horrifying tragedy.

Jeanne Baret joined Louis Antoine de Bougainville’s round-the-world expedition as a botanist in 1766. Her boyfriend, Philibert Commerson, had already signed up for the trip and, not wanting to be apart from Baret, convinced her to dress up as a young boy and sign on as his assistant.

The two sailed around the world together, identifying countless plants for the first time and making Baret the first woman to circle the globe.[10] A whole genus of plants they discovered was even named after her. Commerson called them Baretia, saying that the flowers, like her, were defined by contradiction.

In time, though, the crew realized that Baret was a woman. The official story, for years, has been that the natives of Tahiti recognized her gender and told the crew—but more recently, historians have found a different account, recorded in three different men’s journals, that is far more horrifying.

While their ship was near Papua New Guinea, three men on the crew, who’d figured out that she was a woman, beat and brutally gang-raped her. By law, the men who did it should have been hanged. Instead, the crew covered it up, letting the men go free while Baret was left with her skin torn and a baby, conceived by one of the men who’d attacked her, growing inside her.

Baret made history as the first woman to circle the world—but for a woman in her time, making history came at a horrible cost.


10 Strange Ways Women Have Had Accidental Orgasms

10 Strange Ways Women Have Had Accidental Orgasms



It turns out women can have accidental orgasms. They pop out of nowhere, but only a secondary stimulus can elicit it–meaning something you can’t control.

Here are some of the different ways women have experienced accidental orgasms.


Horseback Riding

Some women report orgasming as they have trotted around on these regal creatures. It varies from woman to woman, and some say horseback riding is more uncomfortable than orgasm inducing.



The link between orgasms and sneezing is actually a medical condition, which is due to a strange connection in the autonomic nervous system. That’s the system that exercises unconscious control of heart rate, digestion, and pupil dilation.




Much like ab workouts have induced accidental orgasms, there are other types of physical exercise associated with exercise-induced orgasms or EIO. Bicycling clocks in at 15.8 percent effective according to a 2012 study by Indiana University.




In that same Indiana University study, 20 percent of women who experience EIO have it happen during yoga.

This one is a little bit harder to fathom.


Ab workouts

The accidental orgasm from a core workout has actually been studied and written up in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Women can climax when working out–especially when doing abdominal exercise. Up to 15 percent of women can experience orgasms from physical activity.



Full disclosure: I had to look kegels up, and it got weird. Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises consisting of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor.

Women do them to strengthen their downstairs area which supposedly helps them orgasm better, or more frequently, during sex and some actually report they orgasm while they do kegels.



This one makes some sense. The vibrating engine of a powerful motorcycle has induced orgasms, according to some women.

Makes you want to get a Harley, huh?


Wet Dreams/Sexual Fantasies

Some women can have such intensely imagined sexual fantasies that they orgasm just thinking about them. This can happen when they are wide awake or when sleeping–essentially a wet dream.



This one isn’t too far fetched. Most tales of women orgasming during massages tend to involve when the massage therapist works on the back–especially the lower part. Some women experience them during foot massages and/or pedicures.

If the pedicures come with a vibrating chair it heightens the possibility!