Take A look At Some Of The Most F*cked Up Websites On The Dark Web


The Dark Web Is a terrifying place and to prove it we’ve scoured the Web looking for sites and info about the most depraved sites on the hidden internet. 

For those not in the know the Dark Web is a ‘hidden’ internet that’s only accessible using certain software or through knowing the address.

It originally got its name because it was hidden from those using the real internet but it soon took on a darker aspect somehow managing to be a worse place than the web proper.

The Dark Web now exists as a dark reflection of the web proper, a place where gorn is as common place as Harambe memes.


Here are some of the worst stories we could find…

Lolita Dolls


One of the oldest urban legends surrounding the deep web are Lolita dolls. Hideous custom order sex dolls made from living girls who are surgically altered by a warped doctor to be the perfect sex object.

These alleged surgeries involve removing the victim’s arms and legs so they can’t run away, then their teeth are knocked out and replaced with a silicon gel to stop them from biting their owners penis.

The girls are then sold to sick bastards as designer sex dolls. Thankfully though the rumours are just that (as far as people can tell) and Lolita Dolls are widely believed to be the product of a warped imagination.


Unfortunately fucked up shit like Lolita dolls does exist and nothing proves this better than the hideous tape Daisy’s Destruction.

It’s been claimed that the video’s the work of Peter Gerard Scully an alleged paedophile and the awful tape shows a man and woman sexually abusing a young girl after which they cut off her arms and legs.

It’s alleged that Scully ran an international paedophile ring where he offered a ‘pay for view’ service for paedophiles where they could watch young girls be sexually and physically abused.

Meet My Sisters


Continuing the trend of horrific sexual abuse Meet My Sisters is a disgusting porn site that allegedly offers an insight into the hideous world of incestuous sex slavery.

According to the site’s hideous Bio it was started by a father who had a ‘liking’ for his daughters and he raised them to be his ‘sexual play things’.

When he realised that he could make money through prostituting his daughters though an idea was born and the despicable dad began to sell his daughters online.

The site also has a prie guide that shows the packages they offer including ‘execution’ which can’t be what it sounds like…

Cannibal Cafe Forums


Most people know that the Dark Web is kind of like the electronic equivalent of Knockturn Alley, a sordid place where you can buy guns, drugs and other illegal materials.

What you might not know though is that there are a number of sites that offer handy dandy recipes for adventurous chefs cooking with exotic meat – namely human flesh.

Cannibal Cafe Forums is just one of many sites online that cater to those with a taste for long pig, offering tips for seasoning the meat, cooking the meat and worst of all sourcing the meat.


The disgusting forum is the place where Bernd Brandes volunteered to be murdered and eaten by the infamous German cannibal Armin Meiwes.

The original Cannibal Cafe was pulled from the web but it’s believed that its users moved on to the Deep Web although you can still find the archived site, including excerpts of Meiwes and Brandes conversation.

Even worse the tape of Meiwes ‘preparing’ Brandes for dinner is allegedly available on the dark web…

Animal’s Nightmare


It’s a well known fact that some users on the Dark Web use the clandestine nature of the network to trade child pornography but it also caters to more eclectic, if no less disturbing, tastes.

Animal’s Nightmare is a site that specialises in both zoophilic and and necrophilic pornography, basically dead animal porn. It’s users allegedly take part in the rape, torture and murder of animals.

They then post videos and pictures of their warped proclivities online for theenjoyment of other users .


Accessing Animal’s Nightmare is of course illegal so we can’t document any of the utter horrors that the site’s users post although we do have second hand accounts of the terrors.

According to YouTuber GloomyHouse one of the worst posts he saw was a picture of a man who ‘literally tore a puppy in half after penetrating it with a sexual organ’.

Deep web Gladiatorial Fights To The Death


It’ relatively well documented that some powerful Mexican cartels have organised ‘barbaric gladiator-style contests where they force kidnap victims to fight to the death.

A criminal informer and former cartel drug trafficker claimed that the brutal Zetas cartel organised several of these competitions and that those found in the mass grave of kidnapped bus passengers back in 2011 died during one of these fights.


What’s less well documented are the rumours that the cartels actually live stream these ’bouts’ to the rest of the world over the dark web with people tuning in to watch others die live on camera.

Experts are split on the subject with one anonymous writer who claims to be an ex-government cyber security expert claims that they exist.

They explained: 

As well as this there are literally gladiators who organise ways of fighting to death. I know how exaggerated this sounds – trust me… there’s no joke to this claim.

However there’s very little physical evidence to support the argument. That said though the Zetas cartel are considered by the U.S. government to be the ‘most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico’ who may have the means to put together such a horrific event.


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