Do You Have What It Takes To Work At Willie Nelson’s Weed Company?

Do You Have What It Takes To Work At Willie Nelson’s Weed Company?


Do you love Willie Nelson, weed, and, um, working in sales? Then you’ll be stoked to know the folk legend’s legal marijuana company Willie’s Reserve is looking for employees, and furthermore, the jobs pay pretty well.

As announced via the company’s recruitment page, Nelson’s legal marijuana company is looking to fill several positions, including Compliance Manager, Sales Director, and “Extractor.” From the looks of their official Instagram account, the company’s Colorado headquarters is basically a pot head’s paradise complete with “scooby snacks,” branded glassware, and dank buds as far as the eye can see.

Hell, maybe Willie will even take you for a ride on his tractor as he gathers “fresh cut grass.”

But lest these carefree Instagram posts fool you, these are real jobs that require experience beyond microwaving EasyMac and MacGyvering bongs.  The Sales Director must have “3-5 years experience of sales leadership experience” and a “proven track record of successful team leadership and management,” while the Extractor is preferred to have a degree in “Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering, Mechanics, or related field” in addition to being able to “lift 10lbs with each hand and pick up to 50lbs.” These jobs aren’t for any old schmuck who walks in off the street.

If you think you have the education, experience, and upper body strength required, you can apply at the company’s recruiterbox page. These are salaried positions that can start as high as $65,000/year, which will get you quite a nice apartment in Colorado.


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