Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun In Classroom While Teaching Gun Safety

Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun In Classroom While Teaching Gun Safety –


While Trump is doing everything in his power to arm teachers and make them into educational Rambos, California teacher Dennis Alexander should probably not be one of those teachers who is armed with any weapon at all. And that’s simply because he accidentally fired a gun in a classroom…while teaching kids about gun safety. Smooth move.

Alexander, who also serves as a reserve police officer, actually injured three students when his gun went off. So not only is he a police officer, but he doesn’t even know how to handle his weapon. It all kicked off when Alexander was teaching public safety awareness in his administration of justice class at Seaside High School, and that’s when his semiautomatic went off and hit the ceiling, ricocheting off the ceiling and sending fragments down below.


One of the students, a 17-year-old, was hit in the neck.

NY Post

Seaside police said in a statement that no one suffered serious injuries.

Alexander had just told the class that he wanted to make sure his gun wasn’t loaded when it went off, leaving the children stunned, Fermin Gonzales, the 17-year-old’s father, said.

“It’s the craziest thing. It could have been very bad,” Gonzales said, adding that the teacher was about to demonstrate how to disarm a person. Alexander, a reserve cop in the Sand City Police Department, has apologized for his ballistic blunder.

He was placed on administrative at Seaside High School and the police force as the investigation is conducted. “I have concerns about why he was displaying a loaded firearm in a classroom. We will be looking into that,” Sand City Police Chief Brian Ferrante told KSBW.

Gonzales complained that no one at the school checked to make sure the children were unhurt before the school day resumed.

Seaside police Chief Abdul Pridgen said he doesn’t know if Alexander had ever brought a firearm to the school before.

“We’re looking into any violation of city ordinance or the penal code and we’ll determine whether or not there are any applicable charges,” Pridgen told the Mercury News.

In conclusion, if some folks are so eager to arm teachers, it’s probably best the teacher is well equipped to handle a gun so that a boring calculus class isn’t turned into a firing range.



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Sweep those bodies under the rug, it’s not a problem. He’s a fully trained reserve policeman.

This dude was even a cop with prolly years of training on what you are “supposed” handle teh weapons. Gonna be a lot more injuries and bodies in the future.

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