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Teacher Arrested For Snapchatting Nudes To Her Students

Teacher Arrested For Snapchatting Nudes To Her Students


Another day, another teacher busted for getting naughty with her students.  A teacher has been arrested after sending naked pictures to one of her former students on Snapchat.  Texas middle school teacher Kylie Modisette admitted to sending x-rated snaps to the underage boy, reports Unilad.

The 28-year-old taught English at Huntington Independent School District. She sent they boy a series of explicit sexts in December.  The teenager, who now attends a different school, deleted the snaps from his phone but not before his friends managed to grab screenshots and send the pictures around.


On her “Rate My Teacher” page she had one review, with one star in every category except “Easiness,” where she got five stars and a that said, “She sends nudes to her students.”


The school district’s superintendent David Flowers said Modisette has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. Modisette was arrested on Thursday at the school where she has taught for three-and-a-half years.



She has been charged with ‘misdemeanor distribution of harmful material to minor’ but was released on bail with a $1,500 bond.


3 replies on “Teacher Arrested For Snapchatting Nudes To Her Students”

Where the hell were these teachers when I was a juvenile delinquent?

Stupid boy; that’s the closest he’ll ever come to a body that fine. I like to think I’d have had the smarts to make a move on her, but that’s confident 40-something me talking, not teen-Drac. Mind you, that pic’s a clear come on. Goddamn, some victims have all the luck.

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