Teacher Divorces Wife To Marry His 18-Year-Old Student After He Was Fired For Having Sex With Her

Teacher Divorces Wife To Marry His 18-Year-Old Student After He Was Fired For Having Sex With Her

Prepare yourself. This isn’t just your everyday teacher-student sex scandal. Well, I guess it is–but there are a few moving parts in this one that make it extra juicy.

First let’s profile the teacher:

Name: Matthew Shane Wester
Age: 38
School: Cleveland High School (Alabama)
Classes Taught: 10th Grade Advanced Geometry, 11th Grade Geometry, 12th Grade Algebraic Connections and 9th Grade Algebra
Extracurriculars: Assistant varsity football coach, Head track coach, Cleveland High School Alma Mater. Jesus, the guy might as well have been the fucking mascot.
40 yard dash: Depends on whether or not the cops are chasing him.

The student:

Name: Amy Nicole Cox
Age: 18
Classes Taken: Probably one of the 239 classes Mr. Wester taught
Extracurriculars: Got a job as a waitress at Sonic after graduation. I highly suggest Sonic’s Chili Cheese Coney washed down with a Cherry Limeades. Make sure you eat it in the parking lot though because there’s a good chance you’ll catch a waitress eat shit on her roller skates.
Favorite Musician: Justin Bieber, probably.

So, according to Daily Mail, back in November Mr. Wester was put on paid leave from the high school after it was made public that he engaged in sexual activities with his student. He resigned from his position in February, a month after he was indicted on having ‘sexual contact’ with Cox.

Now it’s important to note that in the state of Alabama, the age of consent is 16. Cox was likely older than 16 when the affair started, but it is illegal a school employee has sex with a student. So instead of being a paedophile, Mr. Wester is just a colossal creep. Hey, take the wins where you can get them.

So what does a rational person do after he publicly loses his job for using his position to get laid by young girls? He divorces his current wife and marries the 18-year-old Sonic waitress just 67 DAYS after and less than five months prior to the initial trial for having sex with his current fiancee, OF COURSE!

This move, although sounds moronic, could have been strategic for Mr. Wester.

According to Daily Mail,

Blount County DA Pamela Casey says the marriage was a sham, carried out so that Cox won’t be forced to testify against Wester when his trial begins on April 25.

Damn, Westy. That’s some conniving shit, you clever little creep you.

BONUS DETAIL: Cox’s ex-boyfriend (presumably a high school kid) caught wind of the story and shared it on Facebook. His reaction would encapsulate ours if we were in the same situation.


One reply on “Teacher Divorces Wife To Marry His 18-Year-Old Student After He Was Fired For Having Sex With Her”

It was a legal necessity. A court can’t compel testimony against a spouse.

I sincerely hope they’re happy together.

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