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Teacher Gets Felony Charge for Lying About Puppy

Teacher Gets Felony Charge for Lying About Puppy

In a bizarre turn of events, an Illinois community college instructor who claimed to have found a puppy inside a pillowcase along the highway is now being charged with a felony, the Chicago Tribune reports. Earlier this month, 38-year-old Hope Sanchez brought the puppy to show her psychology class at McHenry County College. She allegedly told her students she found it in a pillowcase sealed with duct tape while riding her motorcycle. According to CBS Chicago, the students called an animal shelter, which took the puppy. The animal shelter filed a police report regarding what it believed had been a case of animal abuse.

But the puppy’s rescue made the local news, and Sanchez’s neighbors informed police they gave the puppy to Sanchez as a gift. Police confronted Sanchez, who allegedly admitted to making up the story about rescuing the puppy in the hope that someone would adopt it. She told police her partner didn’t want a dog. She’s now been charged with felony disorderly conduct in connection with the filing of a false police report. Confused? So are police. “Why she chose to concoct a story, I don’t know,” police chief Robert Lowen tells the Tribune.


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I’m sorry, NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE!!! Did she file a false report, or did she simply lie to her class??? Then a student made a big deal about it? *Lying is wrong, but unless she lied in a Police Report, WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?????????????

Stop using reason. You’re going to make people look bad.

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