A fashion design class at Centereach High School in New York learned all about fat-shaming. But it wasn’t to prevent it from happening or to promote a positive body image.

Source: Newsday

Nope. It was to teach these high schoolers to actually not look fat.

Katelynn Passerlam, a student in the class (pictured above with her mother), told News 12 “There are a couple girls in my class that are overweight, and they were like ‘My feelings are hurt. My self-esteem dropped.” Students received reading material on how to hide their body fat.

Below are some of the pages that the high-schoolers received:

Busy? Good.

Booty? Good.

Back fat? Eh, not so good.

Another student from the class reported that some of the lesson focused on how you shouldn’t wear shorts if your thighs touch…

…and that being skinny is right.


Source: News 12

Not only were the students appalled but so was the school district’s superintendent calling the materials “inappropriate”. The Middle County School District is currently investigating this incident further.

Thankfully, the students in this case are the ones that know what’s right and what’s wrong.



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