Teacher Pleads Guilty To Sodomizing Student

A former Missouri public school teacher pleaded guilty on Tuesday to sex crimes involving a 16-year-old female student.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, Johnna Feazell, 47, who until recently taught 8th grade and coached sports in Marshfield, Missouri, had known the victim since she was a pre-teen and was something of a mentor to her:

The victim told an investigator that she had had a “mother/daughter” type relationship with Feazell since she was in seventh grade and frequently went to sporting events and other activities with her.

The girl’s parents sensed something was up this past October when they found a strange cell phone on their daughter with only Feazell’s number in it. Which does seem suspicious.


Marshfield parent Alissa Johnson spoke Monday night and shared with KY3 News the e-mail she wrote to the Junior High principal and the superintendent in early October last year.  

It includes a picture of Johnna Feazell standing at the board in a classroom, marker in hand, next to the sentences “In the mornings I drink coffee.  Tuesday, I will kiss all the men.”

According to court documents, the teacher had “deviate sexual intercourse” with the teen in October, which is old timey legalese for any type of sex that does not involve a penis going into a vagina. The documents state that she started “enticing” the victim as early as October 2013, and when she realized the law was closing in on her, she tried to cover her tracks:

Feazell later told another teenager to destroy a cell phone the teacher used and “all evidence,” court documents say.

She was already disciplined once in June of 2013 by the school for “inappropriate conduct” with the student and ordered not to contact her.

Feazall pleaded guilty Tuesday to “felony charges of statutory sodomy and sexual contact with a student.” She also pleaded guilty to “felony charges of tampering with physical evidence and tampering with a witness.”

Other writings that appear to be on the same board and in the same handwriting say, “I want to go home, however my addiction won’t allow me.”  And another that says, “I want to go home, but I can’t because my meth is still brewing.”

This should be a nice thought experiment for all the sick jerks and simple trolls who comment “where were these teachers when I was in school?” whenever a female teacher bangs a male student. If it’s not okay for an adult to bang a girl child entrusted to their care, there is no way it’s okay to bang a boy, or any other gender for that matter. There are so many people to have sex with who are not your teenage students. That these people know that and still choose the teens is evidence of some screwed up power thing playing out in their heads.

Teacher Pleads Guilty To Sodomizing Student


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