Teen Blogger Explains Why She Murdered Her Parents

Teen Blogger Explains Why She Murdered Her Parents

A teen blogger who murdered her mother and stepfather has claimed she’s never been happier despite being in jail as now she knows she’s safe.

18-year-old Ashlee Martinson shot her stepfather Thomas Ayers and stabbed her mother, Jennifer Ayers, to death after allegedly enduring years of physical, sexual and psychological abuse.

After killing her parents she locked her three younger siblings in a bedroom and fled to Indiana with her older boyfriend.

She was arrested after a multi-state manhunt and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is now serving 23-years in prison.

In an exclusive interview with Crime Watch Daily Miss Martinson explained how she feels about killing her parents.

She said:

I’m happy. I know that sounds crazy, because I’m in prison, but I feel like I’m free. I can wake up every day and know that I am safe.

I’m not a monster, I never meant any of this to happen. It doesn’t make it right, what happened. But I was just a girl, an abused girl, who was forced to make a really bad decision.

I’m not the monster that they portrayed me to be.

Professional’s who interviewed Martinson portray her as as a teenage girl who after years of alleged abuse, suffered severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

However online she revealed a darker side of her personality. She went by the pseudonym ‘Vampchick’ on her blog, which she titled Nightmare, and posted a poem about torture and murder days before killing her parents.

Martinson claims that she killed her parents after an argument with them, explaining how she was supposed to move out of the family house but her stepdad stopped her.

Things got worse when they discovered that she had a 22-year-old boyfriend and they took away Martinson’s keys and mobile, forbidding them from seeing him again.

She believes her stepdad intended to make her a prisoner in the family home so she took his shotgun with the intention of killing herself.

However when she heard her stepfather come in she panicked, knowing the shotgun was one of his prize possessions and snapped shooting him.


She then encountered her mother and ended up stabbing her to death using a decorative knife on a nearby shelf. Before once again shooting her stepfather in the head to make sure he died.

She explained:

I remember pointing the tip of the gun against his head and I pulled the trigger. Boom. And in that moment, I felt the chains break around me. I was free. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was free.

He couldn’t hurt my sisters anymore. He couldn’t hurt me anymore. He couldn’t hurt anyone.


Martinson claims her mother’s boyfriends had been abusing her since she was a young child but that Thomas Ayers did not hurt her physically, instead he’d abuse her mother and sisters to punish her.

Thomas Ayers had been accused of assault, kidnapping, child enticement and party to the crime of sexual assault of a child younger than 15 and ‘had numerous prior arrests and convictions’.

Her stepfather’s brother, Don Ayer’s however has denied Martinson’s claims saying he thinks she stretched the truth to save her own neck.


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harsh sentence but I googled the case and it turns out she shot the stepdad and then stabbed mom 30 times before shooting dad again.little more bloodthirsty than the above story

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