This Teen Didn’t Realize There Was A Penis In The Background Of Her Senior Photo

I remember all the effort that went into capturing the high school senior photo of my dreams: I had to choose the perfect corduroy/flannel combo and find the perfect puka shell necklace to match the Dave Matthews Band lyrics I chose as my senior quote.

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So I feel for this high school senior named Alexis. Her senior photo, against the backdrop of a hip, graffiti-covered wall, is so close to perfection. And yet….

Foiled. By a dick, of course.

As Alexis later realized, her senior pic was photobombed by a “big ass penis.” In fact, it’s so big ass (and bright green for some reason) it’s hard to know who’s photobombing who.

But the “happy ending” to this story is that Alexis is not alone (and not just in her photo). Not only has her tweet gone viral, but other people started sharing their own accidental dick pics. Many are way worse than Alexis’:

And a few people were kind enough to fix up her pic in Photoshop:

But this guy offered up a long-term solution:

“White girls need to stop takin pics w/ graffiti” he wrote. And he’s not wrong. But I wore a puka shell necklace in my senior photo so don’t listen to anything I say ever.

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