Teen Girl Offers To Sell Her Body ‘To Use At Will’ For $50k (£40k)


It’s hard to imagine being desperate enough to voluntarily sell your body to the public, for them to use you however which way they want, but for one 19-year-old Chinese girl, this horrifying scenario is very much a reality.

The Daily Star have reported that this poor, misguided teenager had done just that, in order to raise £40k, so her desperately sick mum can have the expensive cancer treatment she urgently needs.

Cao Mengyuan controversially put herself up for auction online, advertising that the immoral ‘winner,’ will gain the opportunity to take full advantage of her.

The Daily Star reported what she posted in the advert:

“I wish that a kind-hearted person could buy me, so my mother can undergo the operation.

“After the transaction, I am willing to work at the will of the buyer in return.

“I will do whatever the buyer asked me to do. I never go back on my word.”


People took to social media to collectively share their outrage and horror over the teenager’s desperation.

Thankfully ‘a generous boss,’ offered to stump up the cash for the hospital bills, without the teen having to stoop to disturbing levels.

We’re glad Cao won’t have to resort to this…

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