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Teen Has A Terrible Car Accident, Keeps Snapchatting

A teenager from Portugal, identified as Amanda Machado, was taking Snapchat pictures while her friend was driving when they got into a car accident. While the Snapchats were not the cause, the girl continued to take Snapchat pictures of her injuries from inside their overturned car. Obviously, the only way to get help after one is injured in an accident is to Snapchat your injuries to social media?Teen Has A Terrible Car Accident, Keeps Snapchatting

Machado posted four pictures before and after the accident. Later, she would take to social media again to defend herself against those making fun of her for posting Snapchats instead of, you know, making sure she was getting help:

“I want to thank those who are helping me right now. In many thanks to duty jokers. I see all publications on websites, on Twitter, here in msm Face (sic), the whats and everywhere but do not think it gets me down, are mistaken. Thank God I’m seeing as this is what I appreciate because I could be dead and then? I can only thank God for giving me another chance at life! To the ignorant who do not know the facts and criticize, let my silence.”

This was translated from Portuguese so it’s a little confusing, but I think she’s calling those of us who think it’s ludicrous to use a serious accident to get “likes” on social media “ignorant”. Really? I think Snapchatting your injuries from an accident is a fairly ridiculous thing to do.

Is it too much to ask a teenager to be grateful to be alive without them using a near-tragic event to gain attention on social media? Ugh, yes …
Machado and her friend are both okay, but are dealing with repercussions of feeling “judged” by people in their community. So let this be a lesson to us all — when you get into a serious accident, make sure you call for help, make sure you are okay, make sure your driver and any other passengers are okay, and wait for help to arrive. And make sure that help doesn’t come from the same place where d*ck pics and cat videos are shared back and forth. That seems reasonable, no?

But maybe these desperate-for-attention teens are right! Go ahead, Snapchat away. After all, life is precious and all about how many “likes” you get.


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