Teenage Girl Completely Scalped By Ferris Wheel While Trying To Take A Selfie [GRAPHIC]


 BARAUT, INDIA — A 16-year-old student from India was completely scalped after her hair got caught in a ferris wheel while attempting to take a selfie.

The horrific accident happened outside of a college in the city of Baraut, located 40 miles north of Delhi.

It looks as if the teenager was standing close to the ride in order to get a picture, when her hair got stuck in the ferris wheel, the Indian Express reported.

The ride then ended up ripping off all of the girl’s hair, along with her scalp.

The graphic aftermath was captured on video. It shows a friend talking to the teenager while people around her attempt to get her hair loose, according to the Indian Express.

The girl was eventually freed and taken to a medical facility for treatment, the Indian Express reported.


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