Teenager Found Dead With ‘Clues’ Written On Her Body

A teenage girl was found hanged in her closet, covered in clues, in a case that baffled detectives in America.

Holly Moore was found dead in her closet in a suspected suicide, a week after her 19th birthday, but her family have maintained for the past two years she was murdered instead.

The teen was found hung in her bedroom closet, with mysterious writing on her thigh, listing people’s names, which her family believed may be clues as to who killed her.


The bizarre names scrawled on her leg included those of her sister, April and of her ex-boyfriend, Steven, the Daily Mail reports.

Her family told Denver Channel she would not have killed herself, but her friends and ex-boyfriend contradict this by saying she had ‘fresh’ self-inflicted wounds and had even written a suicide note.

Angered by the coroner’s report Holly had committed suicide, her parents hired a private investigator to explore their theory she was killed.

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Holly’s ex, Steven was a suspect in their eyes and they claimed he had choked her and threatened to kill her on several occasions, but he was never arrested or charged.

The private investigators brought in handwriting specialists who mysteriously believed the writing belonged to two people and concerns about the medical examiner not being a licensed doctor were raised.

Holly’s father had seen her the night she died and claims the texts Holly sent him were actually that of her killer, as he believes the bad spelling and grammar were ‘unlike Holly.’


Stranger still, x-rays showed Holly had broken her collar bone and her hand had gotten caught in the electrical cord used to hang herself, as well as the way it was fastened, was not consistent with a ‘traditional’ hanging.

James A. Wilkerson IV, M.D, the chief coroner at Larimer County conducted the autopsy the next day and still deems her death was suicide, despite the strange circumstances her family have put forward.

He said:

What do I have to gain by calling this a suicide if it’s not a suicide?

I mean, I’m looking for the truth, and if somebody did this, then I’m looking to get [the family] justice. But I think that Holly did it herself, and it’s a tragedy.

Facebook/YouTube/ Dr Eikelenboom-Schieveld

He also claims her collar bone was broken during the autopsy, which is standard procedure and her hand had been caught by accident, as well as the fact there were no signs of a struggle.

He continued:

It tells us that she wasn’t beaten, she wasn’t subdued, she wasn’t manually strangled.

There weren’t any marks on her neck that would indicate that she tried to pull the cords off while somebody else was holding them there.

He also said there were parts of her body touching the floor when she was discovered, which means she could have stood up if she wanted to.

On Friday, it was stated by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, they agreed with the original coroner’s report, Holly had died by hanging herself.

Despite this, Holly’s family believe there are many answers which are left unsolved and plan to file a wrongful death suit.


What a tragic situation and loss of a young life.

RIP Holly and thoughts go out to her family and anyone affected by this case.


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