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Teens’ Bodies Were Left Posed Behind Publix

Teens’ Bodies Were Left Posed Behind Publix


One of two victims found dead behind a Publix grocery store in Georgia earlier this month was naked, her body placed in a “sexually explicit fashion,” according to an autopsy. Natalie Henderson’s body also revealed she had been shot in the head at close range, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She had no injuries indicative of a sexual assault, but the results of a rape kit are pending. Carter Davis—shot in the head at medium range—was posed in “a cross-like position” on his back with his arms stretched out, and was wearing only shorts, the autopsy notes, per Authorities believe the 17-year-olds, also with cuts and burns on their feet, were shot with a revolver, though no weapon or shell casings were recovered from the Roswell scene.


Police say surveillance video and the victims’ cellphones led them to Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20, who has been charged with murder, theft, and aggravated assault. His connection to the teens isn’t clear. Authorities—who’ve ruled out a drug deal gone wrong—say Hazelwood followed the pair as they drove behind the store in separate vehicles around 3am on Aug. 1, then killed them before making off with Davis’ jumper cables and Henderson’s bank card, which he later used, per the Journal-Constitution. He’s due back in court on Friday. During an earlier court appearance, Hazelwood shook constantly, talked to himself, and appeared to pet something imaginary, per WSB.



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Maybe it’s because revolvers don’t eject shell casings?

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