Teen’s Craigslist Slave Ad Results in Hate Crime Charges

Teen’s Craigslist Slave Ad Results in Hate Crime Charges –




A white teenager in Illinois is facing serious legal trouble after posting an offensive ad on Craigslist involving a black classmate. The 14-year-old boy took a photo of the other 14-year-old while they were sitting at a lunch table together and put it up on the site under the listing “slave for sale,” reports the Chicago Tribune. The listing included a racial slur. Police in Naperville began investigating the next day, and the white teenager now faces two counts of felony hate crime. He appeared in juvenile court Wednesday and is due back in court next month. “It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to stay as far away as possible (from the other boy) while you’re at school,” the judge told him.

The juvenile’s attorney says that the two are friends and that the principal plans to arrange a meeting and an apology. The teen is currently suspended from school. “The allegations against the juvenile in this case are beyond disturbing,” says DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin. “Hate crimes have no place in our society and will not be tolerated.” It’s unlikely the boy will be incarcerated, but he’s “going to face probation at a minimum,” a spokesman for the office tells the AP. The city of Naperville has a population of 143,000, and roughly two-thirds of residents are white, notes NBC News.

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