How To Tell If You Believe In Bullsh*t


Bullshit, as the philosopher Harry Frankfurt defined it in his influential 2005 book On Bullshit, isn’t the same thing as a lie. When a lie is told, the speaker knows it to be untrue. When bullshit is spewed, on the other hand, the speaker simply doesn’t care if it’s true.

So if I were to tell you, right now, “I’m typing this article up on a typewriter rather than a laptop,” that would be a lie. If I were to say something like, “Some of the components in my computer were manufactured in Taiwan,” that would qualify as bullshit because I didn’t check beforehand and didn’t care about the veracity of the statement before uttering it.

This video will help you figure out if your beliefs are well-grounded.

How To Tell If You Believe In Bullsh*t

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