Terrifying Reason North Korea Stopped Nuclear Testing

Terrifying Reason North Korea Stopped Nuclear Testing

A new study has revealed why North Korea halted all nuclear testing and well… it’s not exactly gonna give you a great feeling. If anything, it’s going to ruin your entire week, depending on how nihilistic or apathetic you are. That’s life!

The news comes less than a week after the rogue nation’s leader Kim Jong-un announced it would immediately suspend nuclear and missile tests as well as abandoning its testing site in the lead-up to meetings with the United States and South Korea.

However, some geologists at the University of Science and Technology of China have different reasons, IFL Science! reports.

The geologists wrote in an upcoming issue of  Geophysical Research Letters:

Our study reveals that the seismic event eight-and-a-half minutes after the nuclear test is an onsite collapse toward the nuclear test center, while the later events are an earthquake swarm occurring in similar locations.

The onsite collapse calls for continued close monitoring of any leaks of radioactive materials from the nuclear test site. The occurrence of the collapse should deem the underground infrastructure beneath mountain Mantap not be used for any future nuclear tests.

Given the history of the nuclear tests North Korea performed beneath this mountain, a nuclear test of a similar yield would produce collapses in an even larger scale creating an environmental catastrophe.

They added:

The triggered earthquake swarm indicates that North Korea’s past tests have altered the tectonic stress in the region to the extent that previously inactive tectonic faults in the region have reached their state of critical failure.

Any further disturbance from a future test could generate earthquakes that may be damaging by their own force or crack the nuclear test sites of the past or the present.

The study ties in with Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in agreeing to ‘rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons’.

The leaders of North and South Korea made a joint statement following talks at the border.

They have also agreed to ‘push towards’ a peace treaty later this year.

It comes after Kim became the first North Korean leader to step foot in South Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un shook hands at the border, with the North Korean leader saying he hoped to have a ‘frank’ discussion.

Audiences watched as the pair stepped across the demarcation line into North Korea, and stepping back into South Korea, while holding hands.

According to reports Moon said there were ‘high expectations’ they could produce an agreement which will be a ‘big gift to the entire Korean nation and every peace loving person in the world’.

The White House said it was ‘hopeful’ the talks between the two leaders would make ‘progress toward peace and prosperity’.

As well as discussing Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions, the two leaders are expected to discuss a path to peace between the two countries.

It’s early days for a relationship to build but this hopefully is one step in the right direction, despite any nuclear oopsy-daisies that might be going on across the North Korean border.

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Fake news still trying to bad-mouth Kim Jong Un.
It’s Trump you need to bring down.

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