Terrifying Videos Of The Massive, Fast-Moving Wildfires In California

Terrifying Videos Of The Massive, Fast-Moving Wildfires In California

At least 14 fires raged in Northern California today, killing at least one person, destroying 1,500 buildings and prompting Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency. The cause of the fires is under investigation, according to the Los Angeles Times, but the combination of strong winds, high temperatures and dry conditions has helped the fires spread with terrifying speed.

Drone footage from Napa Valley show what resembles a river of fire cascading over a ridge.


In this video from Calistoga, fire and smoke seem to fill the entire sky with an ominous red hue.


The scenes after the fires have passed through are just as bad. A few small fires still burn in this footage from Santa Rosa. According to the person who shot it, “it looks like a nuclear bomb went off.”


This video shot at a mobile home park in Santa Rosa shows utter devastation:


Meanwhile, in Southern California, about 1,000 homes and several schools and parks in Anaheim Hills were threatened by a quick-moving brush fire. Aerial footage shows smoke pouring off of hills near the 91 Freeway:



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