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Texas Bill Would Fine Guys $100 For Solo Sex

Texas Bill Would Fine Guys $100 For Solo Sex

If you’re a Texas cowboy who wants to rope the pony, hope you’ve got a C-note in that 10-gallon hat. Per the Texas Tribune, Democratic Rep. Jessica Farrar has been a vocal opponent of what she says are anti-women’s measures recently introduced in the Lone Star State, including forcing women to wait 24 hours after a consult before getting an abortion and making women listen to the fetal heartbeat before an abortion, which she says “messes with women’s heads.” So Farrar has introduced House Bill 4260, aka “A Man’s Right to Know Act,” which would fine men $100 for “unregulated masturbatory emissions.” Farrar’s admittedly “satirical” proposal would also make men seeking an elective vasectomy, a colonoscopy, or a Viagra prescription wait 24 hours and go over an informational packet first with their physicians.

Finally, the bill would allow doctors to reject requests for vasectomies or Viagra if their “personal, moralistic, or religious beliefs” wouldn’t let them do so in good conscience. Farrar tells the Tribune, tongue in cheek, that semen not put toward a pregnancy “is a waste” because it’s only supposed to be used “for creating more human life.” She tells the Houston Chronicle that while many are finding her bill “funny,” what isn’t hilarious “are the obstacles that Texas women face every day … placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access health care.” GOP state Rep. Tony Tinderholt, who has submitted a bill that would criminalize all abortions in Texas, says in a statement he’s “embarrassed” for Farrar and that she needs to go take a biology class if she thinks comparing masturbation to abortion is valid.


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