Texas Cop Pulls Gun On Man For Riding A Bicycle

Texas Cop Pulls Gun On Man For Riding A Bicycle

DeSoto, TX — A deeply disturbing video was submitted to the Free Thought Project this week showing a Desoto police officer pull out his gun and threaten an innocent man in a department store parking lot. The video has sparked a massive backlash against the DeSoto police department as it began being shared online. In the video, a person riding his bicycle is filming in a parking lot. He then videos a police SUV off in the distance and proceeded to catch up with the vehicle. Whether the videographer’s intent was to deliberately film the cop or whether he was merely traveling in the same direction of the cop is irrelevant as neither of these scenarios is illegal and neither of them warranted the response from the cop.
As the man filming continued to travel behind the cop on his bicycle, the cop the suddenly slams on his brakes, jumps out of his SUV, and draws down on the completely innocent person.

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The asshole recording is Charles Dominguez, a youtuber known locally for harassing and antagonizing cops and recording their reactions. He has flipped them off, cussed at them, made racial comments and even harassed a citizen at the police station. “I’m just riding my bike.” is bullshit. He was following the cop to invoke a reaction or bother him while doing his job. Pulling a gun was extreme and the cop should be reprimanded but they are human and are probably getting sick and tired of dealing with this prick.

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