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Texas Man Died Getting A Lap Dance And We Should All Hope To Be This Lucky

Texas Man Died Getting A Lap Dance And We Should All Hope To Be This Lucky


He died doing what he loved. In a world where so many go out due to choking, bombings, or shark attack, I think we can all see something beautiful in the way this Texas man left his earthly body and ascended to the heavens above.

EL PASO, Texas – El Paso County sheriff’s officials said a 67-year-old man died at an El Paso County strip club Friday night.
The manager at the Red Parrot strip club said that the man, identified by sheriff’s officials as Robert Gene White, was getting lap dances, but when it came time to pay the dancers, he was unresponsive.
Employees tried to perform CPR on White and when that didn’t work they called emergency responders. White was transported to an area hospital and appears to have died from natural causes, according to sheriff’s officials. (via KVIA)

There are so many ways do die. Too many ways to die. My most feared way of dying would be burning alive, or drowning. Being fully cognizant up until that last moment when your lungs explode or your skin boils and you pass out from the pain…This man, he couldn’t have had it any better. A painless death with some tig ol’ bitties in his face. Like I said before, we should all be so lucky.


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