The Texts This Guy Sent To A Girl Who Turned Him Down For More Sex Are The Most Pathetic Thing You’ll Read Today


You know what sucks? Getting turned down for sex.

You know what sucks more? Turning someone down for sex, then having that someone blow up your phone with insults because they’re too small of a person to take rejection like a mature adult.

You know what sucks even MORE than that? Reading through those texts and seeing that neither person is intelligent enough to shut the fuck up while they’re ahead. According to the girl:

Went on one date with this guy and hooked up, no sex. He asked to go down on me and wouldn’t stop when I asked him to. When he tried to set up another date, I said his place would be better than mine since I have a roommate. He’s been pestering me for nudie pics non-stop since then!

You’d think that the girl would be 100% in the right here, and I’ll give her a solid 85%…but have you ever had an argument with someone who just HAD to have the last word? Because this is what it looks like, and it’s as infuriating to read as I’m sure it was to have.

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Oh my god CAN YOU BOTH JUST DO LESS? Christ on a pancake do these two deserve each other.


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