The 10 Most Expensive Female Escorts In The World

Can someone tell me why these broads get to be called escorts and not hookers? Is it because there’s more than just sex going on? Or that they aren’t required to only go into public wearing “fuck me” pumps and clothes that leave nothing to the imagination? Does their versatility as sex workers have something to do with it?

Maybe it’s a combination of all of those things.

For this kind of money, all these chicks should be able to not only f*ck you like you’re going to the electric chair tomorrow, but they damn sure better be ready and willing to fold a month’s worth of your clean laundry while at the same time they’re queefing the Star-Spangled Banner. I’d pay at least a G to see that, because I am a child.

P.S. According to Urban Dictionary, an escort is basically a hooker who thinks she’s better than the foot soldiers you find on street corners. In reality, she’s just a hooker with a better wardrobe, higher pay, and few less bunions that she has to scrape off her feet.

The 10 Most Expensive Female Escorts In The World

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The difference between an escort and a hooker, is you pay an escort to be with you in a social situation. Sex is not necessarily part of the deal. The hooker is all about sex and only about sex.

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