The 10 OLDEST Logos In The World

For as long as people have been producing products and stamping their brand on them to differentiate theirs from everyone else’s, a company name and logo has been a huge part of product identity. With the right amount of time, luck, and strategy, a company logo can become iconic and instantly recognizable. Sometimes it doesn’t even take all that long- take Apple for example. Here are 10 of the oldest STILL USED company logos in the world.


Founded: 1866
Logo first used: 1905
Age: 113 years
Industry: Automotive

Shell Oil

Founded: 1833
Logo first used: 1904
Age: 114 years
Industry: Energy


Founded: 1875
Logo first used: 1896
Age: 122 years
Industry: Life Insurance

Johnson & Johnson

Founded: 1886
Logo first used: 1887
Age: 131 years
Industry: Drug manufacturers

Twinings Tea

Founded: 1706
Logo first used: 1887
Age: 131 years
Industry: Beverage

Levi Strauss & Co

Founded: 1837
Logo first used: 1886
Age: 132 years
Industry: Clothing

Bass Ale

Founded: 1777
Logo first used: 1876
Age: 142 years
Industry: Beverage


Founded: 1869
Logo first used: 1869
Age: 149 years
Industry: Food


Founded: 1810
Logo first used: 1850
Age: 168 years
Industry: Automotive

Stella Artois

Founded: 1366
Logo first used: 1366
Age: 652 years
Industry: Beverage

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