The 15 Dumbest ‘The Problem With Millennials” Complaints You’ll Ever Read

It’s no secret that baby boomers love to shit all over millennials for being lazy, entitled snowflakes who masturbate into avocados and are the demise of their precious neigborhood TGIFriday’s.

Sorry to break it to you crusty old fucks, but millennials aren’t lazy, it’s just not 1952 anymore and houses don’t cost twenty bucks and a crew cut.

We’re expected to go into debt paying for insanely inflated college tuitions while holding a full time job and buying our first house for our family of 5 at the age of nineteen just like Pop-Pop did!

But fuck you Pop-Pop for bankrupting the country fourty years ago by spending money on yourself with no thought to the cost of future generations.

In summation, any time a Baby Boomer starts spouting any of this bullshit, just throw an avocado at them.

1. Macabalony:

I am a student dentist. Had a baby boomer patient say that my generation of doctors relied to heavily on technology. This was in response to me looking up their medication on my iPad.

2. justhereforthepupper:

Literal conversation I had with a friend once.

“I don’t understand, if school is so expensive why don’t you get a job that will help you pay for it? Everyone’s hiring!”

Yes, Carol. They’re hiring at minimum wage 20 hours a week. That doesn’t cover rent, let alone an education.

3. Ganglebot:

My old boss had three sons my age (early-mid twenties at the time) who didn’t go to college and just worked part-time jobs and fucked around all day on their parent’s dime. She attributed that to the Millennial generation.

She went on one day about how millennials just can’t get out of bed and do work. They are opposed to do anything but play video games all day and get drunk at night with their friends.

I said, “Well, some maybe, but everyone I know is working full time on a career track”

She lost it. Made some vague threats about me being useless and how I should be thankful to have this job based on my abilities. 20 minutes later I was showing her how to copy and paste documents onto a flashdrive for the 10th time.

4. DamnDialectics:

I am personally a fan of the complaints about Millennials being too incompetent to get a job, especially when it’s coming from a person who has stubbornly held onto a position well past retirement age with an irrelevant, outdated skill set that would not get them hired if they were searching now. How long am I going to have to contend with superiors who can’t figure out Microsoft Office?

5. fusionx_18:

They can talk about their struggles, but we’re not allowed to talk about ours

6. SolipsisticRunt:

That we received participation trophies. We didn’t ask for them. They were given to us by the very generation complaining about it. Most of us threw them away and thought it was dumb to even hand them out. Why not spend that money on snacks or something? I, for one, would have been happier with orange slices or a cookie rather than a ribbon that basically said “you existed here today!” It’s not like we weren’t aware we didn’t win. We still had to learn good sportsmanship and not be a sore loser or a sore winner.

Then there’s the work ethic complaint. I used to work with a guy that would complain about millennials and our desire to feel appreciated at work and how coddled and emotional we were. In the time we worked together, the only person I ever saw throw a temper tantrum or refuse to do something, was him. He would fly off in a rage and break things if something didn’t go his way.

7. UnraveledMnd:

I’m always thoroughly annoyed by the “millennials are lazy” complaint that Boomers have. I’ve been called lazy and a free loader by so many people because I still live at home with my parents.

What they fail to realize is that I’m neither. I live with my parents because I don’t have a family of my own yet and my parents would be royally fucked if I wasn’t living there. I make more than my father does. I pay rent. I own and pay the insurance for the car that gets me to work, my father to work, my brother to work, and until recently my SIL to work (she lost her job). It also gets my mom back and forth to wherever she needs to go (groceries, etc) and was responsible for getting my grandmother to her doctors appointments prior to her passing.

I paid to replace the septic tank at our house. I paid for a new refrigerator, stove, washer, and drier when ours died. I paid to have our in shambles bathroom repaired. It’s to the point that my parents have offered to put my name on the house as well.

I stay with my family because I don’t need to be on my own, and I love my family and don’t want to see them struggle financially if I can help it. It just makes sense for us to stay together for now.

But yeah, what a fucking freeloader I am.

8. Gypsiee:

The one I always found weird was how we are “killing the diamond industry”. And why this is so bad.

Are we supposed to feel bad for not supporting one of the most blood-soaked monopolies in the history of the planet, which sells, literally, shiny rocks?



9. seeyasuburbia:

That we’re “killing” the chain restaurant industry. My boyfriend and I don’t eat out that much so, if we are going to spend the money to sit down somewhere and eat, we want to go somewhere that has good, original food. Also, isn’t it the industry’s fault for not keeping up with their new market?

10. piperBOMBASTIC:

They call you disrespectful when you won’t let them disrespect you.

11. mrvectorabd:

Millennial are somehow both too sensitive and over-exposed to lewd and/or violent movies, shows, video games.

12. Primalacarne:

I was touring an apartment and the landlord apologized that there was no cable hookup. I told him that was no problem – I don’t really watch tv anyway.

His whole demeanor changed and he just grumbled “guess that’s another thing you millennials don’t do.”

And on that day I learned that people will complain about literally anything.



13. DarthPandaBear:

That we don’t buy silver flatware because we’re too lazy to polish it, don’t want to buy the stupid knick-knacks that they/their parents bought, etc. I work in the antiques field so I hear that a lot. They always quote that statistic that we want to spend our money on experiences rather than things and I fail to see how that is a bad thing.

14. LosGalacticosStars:

I think the worst one was a post where an older lady was saying that we were so impolite to say “No problem” when someone says thank you. Instead of saying ” You’re Welcome”.

15. BringTheNoise92:

“Millennials think the world owes them something and are always expecting a handout!” I work in social media for a food company. The only people who message and email us asking for free samples and products are firmly aged 40+.


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