When people fall down, it’s just funny. Kevin James and Melissa McCarthy have made careers out of it and they’re terrible, so you know it’s true. But even the most carefully choreographed wipeout in a movie is no match for the real thing. Hence, we’ve rounded up the 15 greatest real life spills taken by celebrities. Don’t worry, no one was seriously injured during the making of this list. We’re not so sure about the actual celebrities in these clips themselves, but eh, they’re all still alive. We’re sure they were fine. (Note: Click on links for full YouTube clips if they are not already displayed.)#15 – Drake
celebrity wipeouts, drake falls off stage
Not gut-bustingly hilarious due to the camera shakiness and only seeing him fall into the crowd and then getting pulled out, but the fact that it was Drake alone is worth at least the lowest spot on our list. Besides, Madonna didn’t try to kiss him afterwards. That’s got to be of some relief.#14 – Will Smith

Full recovery!? BS! In all fairness, we give Will Smith props. He turned this potentially embarrassing situation into something that could almost be considered suave. A true Fresh Prince move.#13 – Lady Gaga
celebrity wipeouts, lady gaga
This is yet another full recovery, as Gaga somehow still manages to keep singing even after taking a nosedive. However, the fall itself is too apparent to be considered smooth, and it’s all the funnier for it. Kudos to her guitarists for not coming to her aid whatsoever in the name of rocking out.

#12 – Bill Murray
celebrity wipeouts, bill murray
Bill Murray is so awesome that you almost don’t want to laugh at him even when he pulls a boner like this one from his recent appearance on MSNBC. Almost. The stagehand accidentally hitting him in the face as he goes might have been a bit of overkill, though. Again, almost.

#11 – The Edge
celebrity wipeouts, the edge falls off stage
Two weeks ago, Bono would have been right here in place of The Edge. However, due to the irony of this latest incident, he has “the edge” over his frontman’s former unintentional stage dive, as well.

#10 – Bob Dole
celebrity wipeouts, bob dole
While this video is certainly funny, it is hindered by the fact that Bob Dole is so old that you instinctively worry about his safety throughout your laughter. Never fear, however, as we actually did look this one up to make sure he was okay afterwards. He escaped this tumble with only minor injuries.

#9 – Steven Tyler

Speaking of borderline skeletons, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler may be a living legend, but that doesn’t give him a free pass, especially when his showboating results in a complete biff off the stage. We’re not so certain we should be taking Mr. Tyler’s advice to “walk this way” anymore after seeing where it lands you.

#8 – Scarlett Johansson
celebrity wipeouts, scarlett johansson
Sure, this isn’t actual video, as sadly is was only captured in a series of photographs, but we give it a pass since someone had the decency to edit it together as a slide show and put it on YouTube. Besides, even though we didn’t get the satisfaction of seeing ScarJo epically faceplant in real time, the resulting memes like the one seen above were more than enough of a consolation prize.

#7 – David Beckham
celebrity wipeouts, david beckham
We all know how slippery wet grass can be, especially on a soccer field, but there’s something about watching David Beckham’s legs fly out from under him especially that makes us crack up. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s in a nice shirt and tie when it happens. Maybe it’s because he’s a professional athlete. In any case, we could sit and watch this clip all day.

#6 – Beyonce

Sure, it’s a pretty grainy video, and if it was simply a matter of her subtly slipping a little as she takes the stairs, it probably wouldn’t have made this list at all. But because she slips then full-on flips, it goes down as one of the best stage wipeouts we’ve ever seen. She’s a trooper for going right into another headbanging sesh immediately afterwards, but come on Beyonce, that’s what got you into trouble in the first place.

#5 – Shaquille O’Neal
celebrity wipeouts, shaquille o'neal
Much like Scarlett Johansson’s trip to the ground, the recent Shaquille O’Neal wipeout went from good to great status with the addition of countless memes poking fun of it. Our favorite one is pictured above, but there are so many more worth checking out that we simply had to share them.

#4 – Katy Perry
celebrity wipeouts, katy perry
Not since the runway model who couldn’t get a handle on her high heels has a fall been so painfully uncomfortable, yet hysterical. Watch as Katy Perry falls not once, not twice, not thrice, but four separate time as the cake icing she is standing on gets more unforgiving with each passing attempt.

#3 – Carmen Electra

Back to the subject of runway model spills, we have this little number. The fall is great. The subsequent fall by the woman coming to her aid is even better. But the icing on this cake (yes, that’s another throwback to the Katy Perry slip show) are the gasps. Well, that, and this even better angle of the whole thing (sadly, minus audio).

#2 – Madonna
madonna falls off stage, celebrity wipeouts
It’s certainly not the first time Madonna has fallen onstage, but it’s by far the most satisfying. She may have learned that long capes and horns don’t mix the embarrassing and painful way at the 2015 Brit Awards, but the fact that she dressed her back-up dancers like literal deer in the headlights has got to be pretty humiliating for them, too. So we’re calling it an all-around draw.

#1 – Kelsey Grammer

Seeing someone as poised and dignified as Kelsey Grammer biffing it while giving a lecture is already funny in and of itself, but when you consider that a similar scenario (“Free comedy tip, slick: the pie gag’s only funny when the sap’s got dignity”) is also how Sideshow Bob landed his job on “The Simpsons,” how could we not name it the grand pooh-bah of all wipeouts? Bonus points go to the game of “how many people can stand around and do absolutely nothing?” that follows.



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