The 15 Most Unsettling Child Ghost Stories That Have Been Said To Exist

The 15 Most Unsettling Child Ghost Stories That Have Been Said To Exist

In every culture, there are stories of ghost children that haunt hotels or the ruins of ancient civilizations, forever doomed to repeat their final moments on this mortal coil. The most famous child ghosts have established a reputation of being helpful sprites who do their best to keep people from committing the sins that saw them lose their lives, but some of the creepy kids are famous for being harbingers of doom to any and all who see them.

Depending on where you stand on the idea of ghosts, they’re either spirits tasked with walking the earth for eternity, another dimension bleeding into our own, or just dumb stories meant to scare living children into behaving. But whatever your opinion, these stories of spooky children with dead eyes are sure to give you the creeps.

Much like Elm Street, every small town has their own ghost story about a creepy child. These pre-Internet tales of woe are interesting in their similarities, and they either show off the magnificent hive mind that humans have, or they prove that there are a lot of dead children walking around the planet. Judging from the spooky stories of ghost children that we’ve collected, you can’t go anywhere without running into a creepy kid with solemn black eyes and a penchant for disappearing into a vapory mist.

If you have a ghost story about a child that we didn’t cover, feel free to tell us about it in the comments – we’ve actually been trying to sleep less.


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