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The 17 Times Sex Altered The Course Of History

The 17 Times Sex Altered The Course Of History

For the average person, sex is a private event that takes place behind closed doors. But sex in history has had a dramatic effect on the world. Over the course of time, when these private events go public, they unleash consequences that can be as explosive as the act itself. Ask Cleopatra, the Marquis de Sade, or Heidi Fleiss, and they’ll tell you: sex has been getting humans in and out of trouble since the dawn of time. And there are a lot of ways sex changed the course of history.

Despite its very basic use as a means of reproduction, history proves that sex can be used in any number of ways to achieve a desired goal. Throughout history, sex has brought power to some, taken power from others, built up empires, and torn them right back down.

So, in the words of Salt-N-Pepa: “Let’s talk about sex, baby… let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.” This list chronicles the times sex changed history and shook things up for better or for worse and the world was changed forever.


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