The 24 Greatest Sidekicks in Movie History –

In every movie, there’s always someone who’s got to be the hero. They’re the lead, the one the movie’s named after, the good guy, etc… They can do it all and will save the day. Except there’s a catch. Most of the best good guys out there, don’t even do it alone. Han Solo’s got Chewy, Batman’s got Robin and Harry’s got the lovable doofus Ron Weasley. Without them, they’d probably fail.Below, are some of the greatest hero/sidekick combos in history. It’s my arbitrary list, based on the amount of times I’ve watched and loved these films. It’s not definitive and it’s not set in stone. Except for the top 5. Those are true sidekicks.Someone’s got to keep the good guy in check, right?

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1) Samwise Gamgee

C’mon, he was a homebody who only went on an epic 12 hour (extended edition), because he didn’t want Frodo to go alone. And no matter what, he never left Frodo’s side, fought that demon spider, and carried him the rest of the way.No, one does not simply walk into Mordor; you get carried by the best sidekick of all time.


2) Chewbacca

These two are one of the greatest dynamic duo’s in cinematic history. Sure, there’s a life debt involved, but these two are true friends and partners.

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3) Spock

Spock is the ultimate wingman; unemotional, logical, but also a fucking badass. He and Kirk have been through mirror universes, time travel, fighting each other and even death, and they’re still solid.He’s always going have Kirk’s back (unless he get sucked into a strange vortex and dies like a bitch. Never was ok with Star Trek: Generations doing that.)


4) Donkey

This movie is the epitome of an annoying character becoming one of the most beloved. In the first film, you’d never guess that Shrek and Donkey would become the dynamic duo that they are, and kudos to Donkey for sticking it out and suffering through Shrek’s dick-atry.An onion, indeed.

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5) Short Round

I grew up on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on repeat, and of all the sidekicks that Indy has (Marcus Body, Sallah, his dad), I love Short Round the best. He’s loyal, hilarious, and easily the most competent, and he knows it’s all about the “Fortune and Glory.”

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6) Doc Brown

If you can support each other across three different time periods and still remain tight, you’re a good hero/sidekick combo. These two are some of the best.


7) R2-D2

Let’s all be adults here; C-3P0 is a bit of a wet blanket. He complains, corrects and frankly, he knew who Darth Vader was as a kid and didn’t warn anyone. So, there’s that.Despite all that, his badass buddy Artoo, never leaves his side.

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8) John Watson

Pretty much any version of Watson can be on this list as his relationship with Holmes is defined by how crucial he is to the adventure. But in the RDJ films, he requires so much more patience and dedication to handle this particular Sherlock.

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9) Robin

As much as I can find some appreciation for the latter two WB movies prior to the Nolan relaunch, I don’t like Chris O’Donnell’s Robin. But Burt Ward? Man, that guy was a true sidekick.Holy loyal-best-friends-until-the-end, Batman!

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10) Ron Weasley

It’s not easy being the best friend of the Chosen One, but Ron does it superbly. In fact, without him and Hermione, Harry’d probably be lost and a little fucked up.Plus, young Ron is hilarious as fuck.


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11) Walter Sobchak

I’m sure it doesn’t take much to hang out with the Dude, under normal circumstances. But the stuff in this film isn’t normal, but Walter takes relish in diving right into get what the Dude rightfully deserves.

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12) Maverick and Goose

Goose is the ideal wingman; he drinks, he supports his co-pilot and his death drives Maverick to become the Navy pilot he’s destined to be.

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13) Garth Algar

While Wayne’s got all the personality, Garth is the perfect wingman and supportive buddy. He never complains, and knows just the right thing to say, and when to say it.But his drum skills are sick.


14)Buzz Lightyear

It took him a while to come around and realize that he was a toy, but when he did, he became the partner that Woody needed.

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15) Sam

While most will say that Casablanca is about the rekindled love affair between Rick and Ilsa, it’s really about the bromance between Rick and Sam. They’re a team in Paris before the war, and they’re together when Ilsa reappears in Morocco.

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16) Cameron Frye

While I still maintain that Ferris is a bully and an ungrateful little shit, he does help Cameron out of his funk. Cameron, in return, helps Ferris have his fun. That’s what best friends are for.

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17) Wilson the Volleyball

You can’t underestimate the importance of this ball. It was all Chuck had on the island, and it kept him human and sane.Watching him float away was traumatizing.


18) Silent Bob/Jay

I’d argue that neither one of these is the sole sidekick, but they’re more co-sidekicks to one another. And I love ’em.So pumped for the new Jay and Silent Bob film coming out later this year.

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19) Ed

Shaun’s a slacker and a loser, and luckily for him, he’s got a buddy who’s the same way. But somehow, Ed and Shaun show up, kill the zombies and live happily ever after.That’s the kind of positivity you need in your life.


20) Hit Girl

Frankly, she’s only considered a sidekick based on the fact that it’s his movie. In reality, she’s Big Daddy’s sidekick, and then Kick-Ass becomes hers. In any case, a profane pre-teen is just what everyone needs by their side at at time like this.

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21) Mini Me

The very definition of sidekick, mini me was a solid guy. Not completely evil, but also not a good guy. His morally grey attitude made him one of the better characters in the movies.

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22) Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue

They weren’t together very long, but Bubba was a positive influence on Forrest and led to the creation of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.


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23) Cal Naughton 

You’d think that nothing could break up this “Shake and Bake” duo, but stuff does. Namely a French racer, a smokin’ hot wife and the loss of one’s mojo. But they find their way together in the end.

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