Here’s a list of dope ass movie posters of 2018!

25. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The skewed perspective Spider-Man poster never gets old.

24. Mary, Queen of Scots

A really solid tagline, a beautiful (and eye-catching) golden color, and two very striking lead actors make this one a winner.

23. The Nun

In a glance, you get the whole movie. That is very hard to do, but The Nun poster pulls it off.

22. Glass

Even before we’ve seen this movie, there’s no question this poster is a keeper. The use of the broken glass motif is kind of obvious, but it really works in this context, particularly since three of the shards include James McAvoy to represent his shattered psyche.

21. Free Solo

The angle of the photograph is extraordinary, but the best part of this poster is the layout, with all the empty space at the bottom. That really amplifies the vertiginous vibes.

20. You Were Never Really Here

This impressionistic poster merges You Were Never Really Here’s surreal side and its violent streak into one image, with some muted colors, blurred lights and also, y’know, Joaquin Phoenix brandishing a big ol’ hammer.

19. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

This elaborate title treatment cleverly suggests the bringing together of a bunch of disparate characters on different paths. How could there ever be a better visual representation of a Western anthology film?

18. Cold Pursuit

If this poster doesn’t make you want to see this movie, we can’t be friends.

17. A Star Is Born

The black-and-white photograph nods at the story’s timeless roots, and it helps make the gold logo pop off the page. The placement of the two stars’ names is interesting too; suggesting Cooper and Gaga are both being born (or perhaps reborn) in this new version of the old Hollywood melodrama.

16. The Old Man & the Gun

Robert Redford keeps waffling about whether this is his last movie or not, but if it is, this is an ideal farewell. With his hand on his hat it looks like he’s tipping his fedora to the audience for a final bow. Plus, the whole poster is a callback to the Jeremiah Johnson poster, which gives it major bonus style points.

15. The First Purge


14. Searching

The color and lighting suggest an ominous intense thriller, and of course, the spelling out of the title is a very smart and unique touch.

13. Bohemian Rhapsody

A pop-culture hero as big as Freddie Mercury demands a movie poster that makes him look like a mythic figure. This one does exactly that — plus that purple color draws you in from across a crowded movie theater.

12. The Lion King

The first poster for Disney’s Lion King feels instantly iconic, which is precisely what the remake of one of the most beloved movies of all time demands.

11. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I still wish this was the Jurassic Park movie we actually got this year, instead of Fallen Kingdom. Maybe the next sequel can have an all-dinosaur cast.

10. First Man

Having the Moon double as the shield of Neil Armstrong’s helmet was a truly inspired design choice.

9. Slice

The little details on this one are outstanding. The tagline — “Dead. In 30 Minutes or Less.” — is one of the best of the year, and don’t miss the x’d out boxes at the bottom. Instead of your usual toppings, these pizzas come with options like “Hell,” “Ghosts,” and “Witches.”

8. Suspiria

Suspiria had several excellent posters, but this one is our pick thanks to its combination of beauty and horror; it best reflects the content of the actual film. Plus the logo, designed by Dan Perri (who previously worked on the logo for a little film called Star Wars) is nothing to sneeze at.

7. Skate Kitchen

The image of these dynamic young women in mid-flight on their boards is awesome, as is the use of an oversized banana as their skate ramp. I will leave it to you to decide precisely what that symbolism is meant to represent.

6. The Meg

Say what you want about the movie itself, but no big Hollywood movie of 2018 had more awesome posters than The Meg. This is just one of three or four very worthy contenders for this list. In the end, we couldn’t say no to the giant shark mouth juxtaposed with the “OPENING WIDE” tagline.

5. A Simple Favor

The Simple Favor poster may not be the most effective in terms of hinting at its film’s plot, but anytime I saw this poster in a theater, my eye was immediately drawn to Kendrick and Lively, and the geometric pattern behind them is really striking. Somehow, this one feels both modern and timeless all at once.

4. The Front Runner

The illustration cleverly conveys the premise of this film about Gary Hart’s doomed Presidential campaign, and the whole overall aesthetic recalls the classic illustrated movie posters of the New Hollywood era — an era whose tone and style The Front Runner is very much trying to adopt for itself.

3. First Reformed

I suppose some might find this pick controversial, if only because the fire cutting through the middle of this poster doesn’t appear in any way in First Reformed. But it alludes to the wider environmental themes of the film, and the way it divides Ethan Hawke’s face suggests his character’s fragile nature in the midst of a personal crisis of faith.


2. Burning

The key image is taken from a scene in the film, but out of context, it makes this Burning poster feel almost mythic.

1. BlacKkKlansman

This BlacKkKlansman piece has everything you could ever want from a movie poster: It instantly grabs your attention, it conveys exactly what the movie is about, it has an ingenious tagline, and separate from the film it’s advertising, it’s just an amazing work of art. It’s clearly the best movie poster of 2018.

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