Honesty is a rare thing in today’s world. But when it happens, it’s quite refreshing. Some of the best comedians use honesty as their policies, and for good reason: The truth is often hilarious. Behold some of the world’s greatest examples of brutal honesty.

And a lot of courage.

Always lighten the impact with something worse.

Losers that make excellent McChickens.

You go, girl.

Go under anesthesia at your own risk.

A match made in heaven.

Brutally succinct.

Wearing Yelp like a badge of honor.

Nothing like a Grand Slam at 3 A.M.

The worst.

National Drinking Day.

And everyone’s day just got a little bit better.

Just bought some on Amazon.

Gallows humor at its finest.

Not quite exercising his Fifth Amendment correctly.

Romance. Dead.

Yet another reason to drink.

LOL. “Piece of poo.”

Worst week of his life.

The self-aware vandal.

Christians have a better sense of humor than vegans.

At least the little tyke is taking it well.

Give this man a quarter!

Seriously, though.

But we always do.