If you want to see something awesome, a little scary and super mysterious, look no further than your very own body. The human body is crazy– and after you read these facts, you’ll appreciate just how incredible a thing it really is.

1. Due to cartilage compression in your spine, you will be a whole 1 centimeter shorter when you go to sleep at night than when you woke up.

2. Your red blood cells do an entire circuit of your body every 60 seconds.

Sorry Usain Bolt, but you are no match for my red blood cells!

3. Your bladder can actually visibly grow when you feel like you have to pee.

4. Most babies are actually blue-eyed at birth, and their lifelong eye color happens as a result of exposure to UV rays.

So I guess “she totally has your blue eyes!” Loses some significance, huh?

5. Most residents of the Western Hemisphere will consume somewhere around 50 tons of food and 50,000 liters of liquid in their lifetime.

6. It can take up to six months to grow a new nail or toenail back completely.

7. On average, your eye muscles contract about 100,000 times a day.

8. You will shed somewhere around 40 lbs. of skin over the course of your life.

Or maybe like half of that after a long day at the beach with no sunscreen…

9. About 20% of your oxygen as well as your calorie intake go directly toward fueling your brain!

Better keep eating and breathing!

10. There are 1 million filters in every kidney, and they clean about 1.3 liters of blood each minute and push out around 1.5 liters of urine every day.

11. Of the 500,000 eggs that ovaries contain, about 400 get any real life creating opportunities.

12. All people have their own unique smell– except for twins!

13. Your stomach creates cells faster than it destroys them– that is why your stomach doesn’t end up destroying itself


14. You produce about a pint of sweat daily, and it all comes from your half-a-million sweat glands

Better bring a towel with you to the gym!

15. When we gather information and garner insight about our current surroundings, we get 90% of this information from our eyesight. Pretty visual creatures, we humans!

16. Tickling yourself is close to impossible.

17. Skin grafts for burn victims very often come from baby foreskin.

18. Pound for pound your bones are a whole four times stronger than concrete

Which makes all human beings certifiably badass

19. If you stretched out the skin of an adult male it would span about 20 feet.

20. On average a person produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill two swimming pools.

21. We need our saliva to dissolve something before we can taste it.

22. Men produce enough sperm on a daily basis to repopulate the earth in six months.

Keep up the good work, gentlemen!

23. The heat your body is capable of producing in half an hour could boil a gallon of water

The heat of the moment shone in your eyes… and on the stove burner!

24. If you stretched out all of the capillaries in your lungs tip to tip they would reach just about the distance from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

You wouldn’t get any frequent flier miles, though.

25. A correlation has been found between people who dream often and people with a high IQ.

The 25 Weirdest Things About Your Body You’ll Ever Learn


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