The 6 Worst Things About Dating Someone You Met On Tinder

1 You have a record of your first conversation

Not just your first text message. Your first actual interaction. Sure this could be sweet, but it was probably the lame opener you used for every Tinder conversation. What a romantic start to look back on!


They were on three days ago?! Are they messaging other people?? But you went on a date four days ago … was your great date not enough to satiate their romantic needs for a week? Are they that big of player that they have to date someone every day of the week? Sure YOU are on Tinder but just to check if THEY are still on Tinder. Maybe they are just on to check if YOU are on, but that’s pretty narcissistic to assume, right? Maybe you should message other people as a reminder you have options.


3 Youll wonder why they were using dating apps

You’re an enlightened millennial who uses dating apps and knows all those stereotypes aren’t true, but no matter how much you intellectually know dating apps aren’t for lonely, pathetic people who can’t meet people in real life … maybe your date had to use it because they were a lonely, pathetic person who couldn’t meet people in real life and MAYBE they are so deeply flawed that no one else wants them? Or maybe you are both only together out of lonely, pathetic desperation instead of any real connection?
4 You have a terrible meeting story

When things start to get serious and you introduce them to your friends, you’ll have to answer the inevitable question. “Oh, haha, we met on a hook-up app. Really could have been any of my hundred matches, but he messaged me a sorta clever line on a particularly boring Tuesday so here we are. A love story for the ages.”
5 Good luck trying explain Tinder to your parents

When things get really serious and you introduce each other to your parents, good luck explaining that one, “We met on a hook-up app. Oh, you know … it’s like online dating – which you still don’t really understand and think is creepy – but it’s aimed more at horny people who want convenience. But look, Ma, it turned out to be more than just casual sex! You should have seen the monsters I went on dates before him… his basic human decency really stood out from the crowd!”

Just kidding, you’re going to lie and say you met volunteering at the Humane Society.


That record of your first conversation is more painful to read once you just got dumped. Even if you quickly unmatched or did the permanent delete after your relationship got serious, you’ll still probably see their profile pop up again when you’re trying to find a rebound.


The 6 Worst Things About Dating Someone You Met On Tinder

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