The 9 Most Prolific Movie Serial Killers & Their Kill Counts

Creepypasta defines “Serial Killer” as “LOOK OUT HE IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU”, which really makes you think. What is our fascination with serial killers? Why do we trivialize death in our entertainment? Serial murder isn’t a game! But for the sake of argument, if it was a game and we did want to trivialize death for entertainment purposes, who would we say is the winning as the best movie serial killer? Here is the empirical data (as expressed in body count) on some of the most prolific killers in all of cinema:

Pennywise – IT
Body Count: At Least 9 But Maybe Hundreds

movie killer pennywise

The terrifying shape-shifting monster from Stephen King’s IT was about as horrifying as monsters get. It’s preferred form was a nightmarish clown that sometimes had razor sharp teeth and green chicken feet-looking hands. It preyed on children and adults every three decades. There is no exact estimate for how many people may have been killed by the clown since its first appearance in 1740, but we know for sure it’s at least killed 9 people.

Leatherface – Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series
Body Count: At Least 31

movie killer leatherface

The real killer in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is family. That’s not a heavy handed metaphor — Leatherface literally kills because he is told to by his family. But for some reason, it’s the skinned face-wearing, giant chainsaw-wielding butcher of humans that gets all the credit. I guess technically Leatherface did kill all those people, but he did it at the behest of his cannibal family. So who’s the real serial killer.? Legally and morally it’s still Leatherface, but as a heavy handed metaphor, it’s family.

Jigsaw – Saw Series
Body Count: About 40 But There Is Some Dispute

movie killer jigsaw

Saw is a movie predicated the conceit that the killer never actually kills, but rather plays an elaborate mind game with torture traps and odds stacked against the victim so that they end up killing themselves (which, for all intents and purposes, is the same thing). Jigsaw has a weird manipulative legacy in that even after he dies, people still semi-do his bidding and everything was part of his master plan. The extent to which the deaths in this franchise are his doing is under dispute, but general consensus is that this literal and figurative sick f*ck (he both had cancer and murdered for fun) was a pretty prolific killer of people.

Freddy Krueger – Nightmare on Elm Street Series
Body Count: 42 (But That Number Seems Suspect)

movie killer freddy

If you don’t count the 44 episode run of the television series based on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, or the deaths duplicated in the reboot of the franchise, Freddy Krueger has about 42 deaths to his name. And he’s one of the more terrifying killers on this list, tracking down and murdering teenagers when they are at their most vulnerable: YouTube confessional videos. I mean, in their sleep. He kills them in their sleep.

The Leprechaun – Leprechaun Series
Body Count: I Lost Count But Around 45

movie killer leprechaun

For a film franchise that has seven — count ’em, seven — installments, with the highest Rotten Tomatoes score for the film featuring a colon and “In the Hood”, it’s pretty impressive that there’s any life at all left in the series. But maybe it just speaks to the titular killers love for murder, and for gold, and presumably luck charms (not necessarily in that order).

Beatrix Kiddo – Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Body Count: 70

movie killer kiddo

Is Beatrix Kiddo a serial killer? I would argue that, since she’s killing for vengeance and, over time, with premeditation, she is. Yes, she has a good reason to be mad, and yes, we are rooting for her, but she still has a body count as high as 70 — that fits nicely into the definition of serial murders (or maybe not, I could probably be persuaded the other way on this). But that’s just a hugely staggering number of bodies. Like, she’s killed more than Leatherface and Pennywise combined. Damn.

Michael Myers – Halloween Series
Body Count: 111

movie killer michael

Michael Myers gets a gold star for the single mindedness of his madness. Presumably after just one person (at least in the first two films), Michael Myers goes about his business killing anyone who gets in his path. And for a character that was convinced of as “pure evil unleashed”, it makes sense that he has one of the highest body counts in the business.

Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th Series
Body Count: Over 300

movie killer jason

Jason Voorhees is the first killer on this list that could have potentially killed an entire planet of people. The end of Jason X leaves open the possibility that Jason could have killed all of humanity on Earth 2, making him the only killer on this list to traverse both space and time to kill people. That is prolific, to say the least.

Fate – Final Destination Series
Body Count: Around 504,000,000

movie killer fate

There really is no beating death. Seriously. When death is a loosely personified malevolent presence that is after you, you’re pretty much screwed. And during the Final Destination series, set somewhere between the years 2000 and 2009, a lot of teens and adults are killed by Death or Fate or Coincidence in intricate and gruesome ways (as opposed to just sudden brain aneurysm, which can totally happen at any time and there is no explanation). But death is also killing the regular number of people that it normally kills during that nine year span as well. Meaning roughly half a billion people are murdered by death. And what’s worse is that there is literally no stopping death. It will just keep killing until everyone you know and love is dead and then it will come for you. The real terrifying thing about it is that Death in the Final Destination series is based on the real Death that is killing people everyday in real life. Spooky stuff.

The 9 Most Prolific Movie Serial Killers & Their Kill Counts



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