1. Peter Pan
2. A bucket list
3. Plot twist
4. Star bucks
5. “I’m” on a roll
6. Highlight of my day
7. The space bar
8. A Dori Bowl (Adorable)
9. A group of crows = called a murder. Since it’s only 2 crows it’s called an ‘attempted murder’ because they attempted to have a murder of crows which usually contains 3 or more.
10. Legend Dairy
11. Anne has a way (Anne Hathaway)
12. Rad-ish
13. One fifth, two fifth, red fifth, blue fifth
14. The plan was foiled. OR Foiled plan. (Because what they’re doing mathematically to the word “plan” is called FOIL-ing)
15. IP in the shower — It’s an IP address of a computer
16. Flaming “O” (flamingo)
17. L Mao
18. B-flat
19. Rewriting history
20. Tan(gerine)
21. Christian bale
22. Moss cow
23. Paul Walker
24. A chain saw
25. 3 D’s (3-D)
26. Michael and Jello (Michaelangelo)
27. Sink of the mayo (Cinco de Mayo)
28. Big foot caught on tape

And the post is “pointless”

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