The Baddest Man That Ever Lived

genghis khan

Khan and his army wiped out 11 % of the world’s population – 40 million people. This meant large areas of cultivated land grew trees. Removing 700 million tons of carbon from the environment.

A brilliant military tactician Khan used the fake retreat to draw out his enemies. Pretending disarray and defeat in the heat of the battle, the Mongols would suddenly appear panicked and turn and run, only to pivot when the enemy was drawn out, destroying them at their leisure. As this tactic became better known to the enemy, the Mongols would extend their feigned retreats for days or weeks, to falsely convince the chasers that they were defeated, only to charge back once the enemy again had its guard down or withdrew to join its main formation. Mongols could maneuver their horses with just their legs, leaving their hands free to fire arrows.

For killing a Mongol diplomat Khan went on to wipe out the Khwarezmian Empire. No living thing was spared, not even animals. Skulls of the dead were piled in large pyramidal mounds.

Genghis Khan invaded China with 90 thousand troops and dominated the largest army in the world, the the Jin Dynasty’s over 1 million troops, and destroying half or over 500 thousand of them in the process and assuming control of Northern China and Beijing

Khan defeated a Russian army 4 times the size of his with the surviving leaders surrendering. They were executed by being laid under a wooden platform which the Mongols danced & feasted upon.

Mongol victory feasts would see captive girls paraded before them. Rating the women, Khan would take the highest ranked, leaving the rest for his officers.

Genghis Khan is considered the “most successful biological father in human history” with over 16mil descendants in Central Asia. One in 200 men alive today is a relative of Genghis Khan

After seizing all of western Turkestan Genghis Khan ordered the extermination of the entire kingdom of Xi Xia because they refused to send troops when he called for them. The destruction and massacre was so complete that Xi Xia was nearly erased from history.

The Mongol Empire over just 100 years

Within a few decades of the Magna Carta being put in place in England, Genghis Khan implemented a very similar document into law,Yassa, which prohibitied things such as adultery, theft, and lying. It also promoted religious tolerance.

Genghis Khan exempted the poor and clergy from taxes, encouraged literacy, and established free religion, leading many peoples to join his empire before they were even conquered.

Khan used to gather people of different religions and listen to them argue for the fun of it. He summoned the clergymen of those who were represented in his court. Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians (with one envoy from the Pope himself). It was conducted similar to how the Mongols held wrestling matches with a panel to award points and the participants drinking alcohol after every round. It apparently ended “as all Mongol festivities did, with everyone too drunk to continue”. The Christians started to loudly sing hymns, the Muslims in turn started to recite the Qur’an, and the Buddhists sat in silence meditating.

Genghis Khan never allowed his likeness to be portrayed. The first images of him appeared after he died.

The cause of Khans death is unknown. Legend has it that at his funeral 40 virgins & 40 horses were sacrificed and the 2.000 guests were killed in order to keep the burial site a secret.

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