The Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons It Needs To End With Season 12



Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory wrapped a couple of months back, featuring the long-awaited wedding of Sheldon and Amy. A twelfth season has already been confirmed, but where does The Big Bang Theory go following that? By the looks of things, away from our television screens.

When we were first introduced to the characters we have come to love, no one could’ve imagined the progression they would all go through. Whether it’s the story of the aspiring actress marrying her scientist next door neighbour or the tale of a man from India overcoming his selective mutism, The Big Bang Theory has been the scene of many developments throughout its 11 years on screen with little left to expand on.

Following all these landmark moments for each of the main characters, all signs now point in the direction of a series finale. We know that a twelfth season is definitely happening, so the producers have the time to wrap everything up within the 24 episodes each season gets.

The next season would be the perfect culmination for the show, which has really run its course by now. It’ll be a few months until the season premieres on TV, but it should wholeheartedly be the last.


5. It’s Been On Air For Over A Decade


Having premiered in September 2007, The Big Bang Theory has been on our screens for over a decade. It’s very rare for a sitcom of this type to go beyond ten years of new episodes, no matter the general reception to the show or the quality of its content.

2018 marks The Big Bang Theory’s eleventh year running. Although it’s a topic for debate among fans and critics, the show’s storylines and character developments have remained at a reasonably high consistency over the years. Despite this however, a decade is a long time for a sitcom to continue producing brand new episodes.

Similar sitcoms, like the ever popular Friends, concluded their run after ten seasons. Now that we’ve seen the answer to one of The Big Bang Theory’s longest-running questions in terms of Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, it would only make sense to see our favourite group of scientists going their separate ways following the conclusion of the next season.

There’s no doubt that the show will remain on-screen after it comes to an end, just like Friends has done. They don’t need to put out new episodes to remain a treasure to the world of television.

4. There’s A Chance To Wrap Storylines


Every great sitcom needs to have its fair share of fantastic storytelling, with The Big Bang Theory being no different. The majority of the stories told during the show’s history have been nothing but interesting and unique.

The stories that season 11 left us with will need wrapping up if the show is to come to an end, with writers and producers having plenty of time to do so. We can’t just be left without a definitive end to the characters lives. Where do Sheldon and Amy go following their wedding? What will happen now that Sheldon has discovered a scientific breakthrough? Will we ever find out Penny’s last name?

The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows that always finds a way to continue its storylines as the seasons progress, with twists and turns coming from all angles. Not one person could’ve predicted the Raj overcoming his selective mutism, let alone getting a girlfriend.

With a further 24 episodes confirmed, the ongoing stories need to be wrapped up. There’s no benefit whatsoever to leaving a story, especially a major arc, left without a definitive conclusion. Even the smaller less important stories need to be brought to a close, otherwise fans of the show will have millions of possible outcomes for the years to come.

A cliffhanger may be the perfect way to end a season, but not when it’s the finale.

3. The Characters Have Majorly Evolved


From the time we were introduced to the five main characters to how we’ve come to know them now, it’s clear to see how they’ve all gone through their individual changes.

Sheldon for example started off as being one of the quirkiest television personalities of the past decade. He does still have his eccentric characteristics, but he’s now become known to open himself up to people more, including going on to become a husband. Raj is another prime example of major character development in the show, as he can now talk to women confidently without being under the influence of alcohol.

Even the characters who came in later on, such as Amy or Bernadette, have went through their own little changes. Considering the level of progress they’ve all gone through, what else could they have happen in their lives?

It gets a bit old seeing beloved television characters become stale and stagnant. Is there anyone that would realistically stay tuned to watch the guys play video games or go to conventions while in their older adulthood? While the writers will perhaps have a trick or two up their sleeve, it’s best to leave something like this for a singular flash forward episode.

2. There’s Not Much Left To Show


Considering it’s been releasing new episodes for over a decade, The Big Bang Theory doesn’t have much new content and stories left to show. Yes, there’s always the possibility of running previously used storylines with different characters, such as Penny (or even Amy) becoming pregnant. But where’s the benefit to that? Fans have already tuned in to see this sort of thing in the past, so why would they choose to sit through it again?

Sitcoms of this nature typically struggle to piece together new and engaging content in their later years, a trait that The Big Bang Theory has slowly started to follow. We’ve already witnessed a handful of weddings over the years and seen numerous trips to the comic book store that usually revolve around the same sort of purpose. Some fans of the show may like the repetitiveness of the minor arcs but it’ll do nothing to help the show in the long-term.

If there does end up being more seasons season 12, some fans may stop watching either in part or altogether just because they’re tired of the show still going ahead. It would make much more sense to end the show on a high as opposed to stopping after the majority of the fan base put their eyes on newer shows.

1. Sheldon And Amy Got Married


Ever since the pair were introduced to each other in the season three finale, fans waited and waited to see Sheldon and Amy tie the knot. Eight seasons later, and the audience were graced with the pleasure of witnessing ‘ShAmy’ tie the knot.

The next season will allow us to see Sheldon and Amy celebrate life as a married couple. What that entails for a husband and wife duo who are so invested in science should make for some entertaining scenes seeing as their personalities make them quite different from the other couples featured in the show, however we’ve already seen what happens when a wedding is featured on the show.

The relationship between the two has been odd to say the least. Following on from a brief breakup that saw both move on to pastures new, Sheldon finally popped the question in the last episode of season ten, leaving the main story of season 11 as the lead-up to the wedding. Now that the wedding has passed, there’s literally nothing else that can top this in terms of tear-jerking Big Bang Theory moments. So why continue?

If the producers want to go down a different route this time around, maybe they’ll show something such as Sheldon and Amy on their honeymoon?


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