The Cool New Thing To Do When You’re High Is Picking Up Garbage

The Cool New Thing To Do When You’re High Is Picking Up Garbage


The weed devotees over at Reddit’s r/trees are usually posting about the kind of stuff you’d expect. The front page today, for instance, features this diagram showing why getting high is better than getting drunk, a meme image about world peace with a cartoon of a stoned turtle, and photos of giant buds.

A new strain of thought has emerged to dominate the message board’s meandering, sticky-mouthed discourse: how cool it is to pick up trash when you’re high.

A Reddit user named, believe it or not, PRV_Psychonaut posted a photo of a bag of trash he collected from “a common smokespot” (surprisingly not, like, a couch or deck chair) and implored others to “keep the movement going!” alongside the hashtag, #StonerCleanupIniative [sic].

The post sparked something and the movement, it now seems, has begun. Before long, other users started sharing their stories of smoking and cleaning, providing helpful examples of how to augment your routine, too. Why not pick up trash while getting stoned and walking your dog? Or while going fishing in your classic “I Like Weed” baja hoodie? How about taking a few of the minutes you usually spend zoning out in front of a creek to round up discarded condom wrappers, algae-covered beer bottles, and scraps of mystery plastic?

Best of all, you can get in your specially designed weed truck (complete with “REGGAE” vanity plate) to make the world a little cleaner this weekend.



It isn’t every day that we get to see the birth of a new social movement. Let’s count ourselves fortunate that we’re living through this one. #StonerCleanupIniative, everyone.

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