The Definitive Logic Test

Are you a logical thinker? If so, HOW logical? Let’s discover how logical you really are with this definitive logic test!

The Definitive Logic Test

4 replies on “The Definitive Logic Test”

So the answer to number 9 is 12 steaks for everyone else who got this wrong.

If it takes 3 men 3 days to eat 3 steaks then it takes one man 3 days to eat a steak. 6 men could eat 6 steaks in 3 days. Double that, it’s 12 steaks.

I was wondering about that one; if no one can provide the math to prove or disprove this one way or another, until then I’ll have to agree with you.

My answer was 12 as well and I was confused that the quiz said it was wrong. How did the quiz maker get 9 days?

I also got marked wrong for #5, which I have to disagree with. A forest is made of many trees, and a tree is made of many branches as well as many leaves. So there seems to be two right answers there.

If not for those two, I would have had a perfect score, damn it!

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