The Definitive Morality Assessment Test – Are You An Ethical Person?

The Definitive Morality Assessment Test

What kind of morality do you have? Are you an ethical person? Do you hold everyone to the same moral standard? Take this definitive morality test to see where you really stand!

The Definitive Morality Assessment Test – Are You An Ethical Person?

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“You’re a moral utilitarian! Utilitarianism is the theory that holds that the best way to make a moral decision is to look at the potential consequences of each available choice, and then pick the option that will increase happiness and prevent suffering. In other words, the decision that feels the best and makes you happy is always the moral choice. Utilitarianism is often summed up as a philosophy of “the greatest good for the greatest number.” This means that you make moral decisions based on what works the best for the greatest number of people involved. This type of morality allows people to compromise and find solutions! This makes you a natural born diplomat and problem solver!”
Sure, sounds good.

“You’re a moral relativist! Moral relativism is the view that moral judgments are true or false only relative to some particular standpoint (for instance, that of a certain culture or a historical period) and that no standpoint is uniquely privileged over all others. This means that you put moral and ethical decisions in their context and you don’t hold everyone to the same standard. You believe that morality and ethics are essentially subjective, varying from culture to culture. You’re suspicious of attempts to hold all humans from all times to one moral standard and you pay close attention to the outside factors that cause people to make the moral choices that they do. You’re educated, tolerant and openminded.”

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