The Incredible Life Of The Girl With One Limb

The Incredible Life Of The Girl With One Limb

Victoria Salcedo is from Guayaquil in Ecuador, lost both arms and one leg in an electrical accident when she was just five years old.  She was playing in her home when she accidentally touched a high voltage wire with a metal stick. The accident happened on November 11, 2001 and caused third degree burns so severe that both her arms and one leg had to be amputated. Victoria was so young she doesn’t remember her life before the accident. Growing up with only one leg and no arms, Victoria had to re-learn every basic task. Victoria refers to her only limb as her “magic leg” as it has allowed her to re-gain independence.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think her life worked out hoppier than if she’d not had the accident.

I had money on that you would say the good ole “I would do her” comment, but this was way funnier. Thanks for the laugh!

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