The Insanity Of A Vegan Bride: Bans Family Omnivores From Her Wedding

The Insanity Of A Vegan Bride: Bans Family Omnivores From Her Wedding

Before we dig into this, when you read the words “in a now-deleted post” when researching a story, you know you’re in for a real fucking doozy of a story right out of the gate.

That also means that while some screenshots still exist of this stupid as hell moment, building this post is like trying to build a functional car out of a wreck that involved two semi trucks sandwiching a Smart Car at 70 miles per hour.


So, let me add some context as well. What you’re looking at is a post inside of a vegan Facebook group in Australia, and you’d think someone might have the bride’s back (solidarity, and all that shit).

They did not. Here’s a sampling of comments she received back:

“As a vegan, this is messed up. You can’t go around calling your family murderers!”

“She is out of her mind. I’d be happy to cut her off of my life if I were the family.”

“I totally understand serving vegan food exclusively, that makes sense … but banning people and calling them murderers is just ridiculous.”

One of the vegan commenters made a damn good point:

“As a vegan, wouldn’t this be a prime opportunity to prove that vegan food can be just as delicious as omnivore food anyway?”

Overall, reasonable responses to the original post.

So, the bride realized the error of her ways and saw an opportunity to introduce her family to food options they never considered and everyone walked away happy.


Of course not, this is the internet, so she doubled down:

And if that wasn’t fucked up enough, apparently this post was how one family member found out they weren’t invited.

“‘What’s the most f***ed up thing you’ve ever experienced?’ she wrote in the comments section. ‘I just got un-invited to a wedding that I was meant to be a bridesmaid for, because I’m not vegan.’

‘To make matters worse, this girl is FAMILY who I’ve grown up with my whole life.’”

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