The Male Equivalent Of Hooters – Tallywackers – Is Set To Open

The first Hooters opened its doors in Clearwater, Florida, in 1983. 22 years later, a new version of the infamous breastaurant is opening in Dallas, Texas. It’s called Tallywackers, and it’s the male answer to the boob-focused beer and wings chain.

Tallywackers is set to open in May. According to a Craigslist ad, the restaurant is currently holding an open casting call for bartenders, servers, cooks, busboys, and hosts.

But from the looks of it, they’re actually looking for models who just happen to be able to hold a tray.

The restaurant and bar will be located in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Lawn, which Dallas Eater describes as the “gayborhood.” So far, so good.

According to Urban Dictionary, a tallywacker is a euphemism for a penis. This place will surely combine the elegance of Chippendales with the subtlety of Hooters.

We can definitely thank Magic Mike for this, but maybe it was Amy Schumer’s brilliant “O’Nutters” skit that got the ball rolling.

Might need to take a road trip to Dallas. Who’s with me?

Just don’t ruin your appetite.

The Male Equivalent Of Hooters Is Coming So We Hope You're Thirsty

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