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Amongst the currently most binge-worthy shows, whichever streaming service you use, we can’t help but notice how addicting some of these TV shows are right now. Only including the most addictive of current shows (as any fool could sit and drool over reruns of expired classics like “MacGyver”) we give you our TV show drug of choice. If you follow our word, you’ll need a month at Promises and a sponsor to make it off the couch alive.

“The Leftovers”
Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "The Leftovers"
Any TV binger could potentially testify “The Leftovers” as one of the newest addictive shows on the fall TVlot. The HBO hit from “Lost” co-showrunner has a more down-to-earth plot — you can’t move this one with the spin of a wheel — with a refined cast, led by Justin Theroux. Season two, although not as strong in the ratings as it pilot season, has taken the show to a new terrain, one fraught with more binge-worthy landscape. Season two premiered in early October.

Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "Fargo"
With season two, a prequel to its initial season, just underway, we’re getting a glimpse at a season that is somehow possibly better than the first. With cast members Ted Danson and Kirsten Dunst met by newcomers Nick Offerman and Jesse Plemons to replace Billy Bob Thornton and Colin Hanks from season one, we’re getting more and more reason to tune into the black comedy crime show, based off the Coen brothers award-winning cult classic film. The new 10-episode run started mid-October.

Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "Narcos"
It would make sense for a show about drugs to be a little addictive, especially in the case of Pablo Escobar. Based on the rise of the Colombian drug lord, we see another Netflix original winner in its first season as the D.E.A. tries to pin down Escobar, played by the talented Wagner Moura, in the show’s first strong 10 episodes, all of which go down quicker than a kilo on Halloween. Happy holidays to you as you binge this show in your post-mortem costume recovery.

Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "Daredevil"
Superhero shows usually have a bit too much cheap theatrics and bright colors, but in the case of Daredevil, a film adaptation that went sourly, we see Netflix revive Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer leading a double life. The action quality and grit of the show follows a film-worthy remake of one of the most in-tune fighters whose reliance on his senses is not only impressive, but essential. The show co-stars former Mighty Duck Elden Henson and the striking real-life Jessica Rabbit-esque damsel, Deborah Ann Woll.

“Peaky Blinders”
Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "Peaky Blinders"
With a short list of episodes, you get the feeling you’re not binging as much, but you are, but it’s perfectly fine when it comes to such a well-constructed pre-roaring ’20s show like “Peaky Blinders.” Another Netflix original set back before cell phones — phones in general were just getting hip — we’re up to three seasons of the six-episode series, led by Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Sam Neill, with the lovely help of Annabelle Wallis. Season three kicks off for the bloody Birmingham gang in early 2016.

“Scream Queens”
Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now,"Scream Queens"
When comedy meets horror, there can never be any real tragedy, and “Scream Queens” is killing it in its first season, led by a seductively talented cast of Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Ariana Grande, along with the seasoned serial killer cast mate, Jamie Lee Curtis. In a suspense driven horror show where the victims and villains are unpredictable, we find season one frightfully terrific in the best way possible. Leave the duct tape and spray painted costume at home, set a bowl of candy on the porch and sit back to soak in TV’s best new murder mystery.

Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "Scream"
In the passing of Wes Craven, we conveniently find ourselves with a TV adaptation of some of his best work, an MTV pilot season for the ’90s horror hit, “Scream.” In an extended CW-type teen drama version of the same movie plot, we get red herons out the wazoo and an entire cast deserving of a bloody death of their own. It’s not bad, especially around Halloween and very much especially if you’re a fan of that opening bikini scene with Bella Thorne.

“House of Cards”
Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "House of Cards"
Anybody who watches “House of Cards” most likely watches it all in the week it comes out in spring. Or, if you’re pathetic like me, all in one sad, desperately lonely 24-hour period. With the rise of Frank Underwood at its ceiling after three seasons, we’re scrambling to review old episodes in heavy anticipation of its fourth coming season. Here we’ll watch Frank himself scramble to keep his secrets under the veil, as well as hopefully more sugar from the First Lady, in what could possibly be one of its final seasons, unless Kevin Spacey is right and it goes for 10 more.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
After 10 season — season 11 is rounding the corner — we still get a kick out of the once-small-time FX show. Back on its new FXX time slot, the terrible trio, sweet D and our favorite garbage-eating troll Frank are back. How much more will they pollute society? Will they all eventually kill Deandra? Is Frank going to crawl naked out of more things? Time will tell for our favorite aging degenerates.

“The Walking Dead”
Most Addictive Television Shows Right Now, "The Walking Dead"
Especially around this time of year, “The Walking Dead” is a favorite for binge viewing. The AMC zombie drama seems to flow a little better when it’s viewed as a whole, as opposed to giving us bloody, survivalist suspense followed by six days back in reality. With the recent attack of — SPOILER ALERT! — comic book villains, The Wolves, along with suspense of Glenn’s “death” and Rick’s hand, we’re seeing some long-awaited changes to the cast and its dynamic. Now, if only they’d kill Carl already.




Really enjoying season 2 of The Leftovers, I’m a bit behind so only just seen episode two. What I love is that for the two I’ve seen, despite the darkness of the episodes themselves, they’ve both ended on a laugh which is so wrong it’s right.

Or perhaps I have a perverse sense of humour.

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