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The NHL Wants This Hockey Star To Stop Licking Opponents

The NHL Wants This Hockey Star To Stop Licking Opponents

Hockey may take the most athleticism to succeed than any other sport. You must be strong, fast, and agile; you must have excellent hand-eye coordination; you must also be able to take a licking … sometimes literally.

Elliotte Friedman got some laughs from his recent 31 Thoughts column on Sportsnet when he disclosed that the Boston Bruins recently got a phone call from the NHL. Why? Their All-Star left-winger Brad Marchand keeps licking people.

That’s Marchand nuzzling up to Toronto’s Leo Komarov in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference playoff series.

The NHL reportedly asked the Bruins to approach the notoriously pesky Marchand, asking him to stop the shenanigans.

Marchand responded unapologetically, calling Komarov “cute.”

Instead of a goon, the Bruins have a pesty Casanova.

Boston now advances to the next round of the playoffs where they’ll meet the Tampa Bay Lightning. If I’m the Bolts I would consider encouraging my guys to eat a bunch of tuna. Maybe see what Marchand does if the guys start kissing back?

Now that would be cute.

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