The Rock Will Be Appearing On-Screen Naked During The Second Season Of ‘Ballers’

Before y’all start screaming “This is supposed to be CHAOSTROPHIC! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DICKS ALL OVER THE PLACE?!!” take a step back and think. Think real long and real hard, like how I’m picturing The Rock’s massive, throbbing erection would appear. Do you think I want to post about dicks? Do you think ANY of us really want to post about dicks? Sure dicks are all fun and games until someone chokes and dies, but in the grand scheme of things I’d rather post about Pokemon or something having to do with butt stuff.

However, y’all keep giving us mixed signals – you know how many of you clicked on Justin Bieber’s dick? You know how many of you clicked to see 10 CELEBRITIES WITH COLOSSAL CROTCH-ROCKETS? A lot of you. A LOT. So before you go and start bitching about “Omg I remember when this site used to be about hot girls and NOT Justin Bieber,” think back on whether or not you clicked to look at some prime man meat, then shut the fuck up because you’re reading this right now and wouldn’t be doing so if you weren’t interested in seeing some Rock Cock.


According to the above Instagram post from The Rock, he’ll be getting nude for the HBO show Ballers. The aforementioned Instagram post also tells us that The Rock does not know how to spell “nudity” as opposed to “nuidity,” but when you’re a ripped movie star who’s getting paid millions to flop your dick around on television is spelling really that important? “No,” says Floyd Mayweather, “No it sertinly is not.”

And if knowing that seeing Dwayne’s Johnson is getting you all hot and bothered, sorry you’re just going to have to wait — the season 2 premiere date of Ballers has yet to be announced.

In the meantime, here’s how to get JACKED like The Rock while you’re waiting:

[H/T Uproxx]

The Rock Will Be Appearing On-Screen Naked During The Second Season Of ‘Ballers’


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