The Royal Wedding Was Enough To Get People To Stop Going To Pornhub For An Hour

The Royal Wedding Was Enough To Get People To Stop Going To Pornhub For An Hour –

11 days since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot at Westminster Abbey. This was apparently more than enough time for the gang at Pornhub to crunch some numbers and see how the Royal Wedding affected our masturbation habits.

In the United Kingdom, Pornhub saw a whopping 21 percent drop in traffic compared to a normal Saturday, as a ton of guys thought taking in history was more important than taking out their– well, you know where we’re going with that. Smut traffic also decreased in the United States and worldwide during the ceremony. Americans were responsible for a six percent drop, while the rest of world was responsible for a 10 percent decrease.

Ironically, France saw a bigger drop in traffic (23 percent) than England (21 percent) during the Royal Wedding. Hell, even Croatia decided to show some respect for the newlyweds by taking a break from tossing one off (10 percent). You can check out all the fun stats at the Pornhub Insights page.

Of course, once the Royal Wedding was over, it was once again time to start wanking it. Searches for Meghan Markle went up…wait for it…2,812 percent after the ceremony. Although, it’s worth noting that 75 percent of the blokes couldn’t spell her name correctly. It was either “Megan Markle” or “Megan Markel” for those guys, but we’re sure they were still able to find something that did the job.



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