The Top 25 Modern Day Uncredited Movie Roles RANKED –

One of my favourite easter eggs in films is the uncredited cameo; it’s like finding that elusive treat in your box of Frosted Flakes. It’s unexpected, super rare, and when it does happen, it puts a smile on your face.There’s plenty of reasons why filmmakers do it, from favours owed, to hiding a secret twist, to just trying to build a bigger universe. But not every uncredited cameo works.These ones, however, did.

Paramount Pictures

25) Matt Damon – Interstellar

Quite the surprise popup, and playing against type, no less.

Walt Disney Studios

24) Jim Parsons – The Muppets

He was the perfect surprise, as the human version of Walter.

20th Century Fox

23) Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen – The Wolverine

This was nice piece of connective tissue between X-Men: The Last Stand & X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Fox Searchlight

22) Natalie Portman – The Darjeeling Limited

This one only makes sense if you’ve seen Wes Anderson’s short film Hotel Chevalier, but it’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ cameo on a sleeper train.


21) Brad PItt & Matt Damon – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

These two guys play contestants in the dating game sequence.

DreamWorks Pictures

20) Jason Statham – Collateral

The Stath just has a little bit of a brooding handoff of a briefcase to Tom Cruise.

Marvel Studios

19) Danny Pudi – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Considering the Russo’s were involved with <em<Community, I’m 90% sure he’s Abed.

Paramount Pictures

18) David Bowie – Zoolander

Bowie plays David Bowie; walk-off judge. It’s amazing.


Amblin Entertainment

17) Glenn Close – Hook

It took me years to learn that the pirate who gets put in the “Boo Box” was played by this actress.

Warner Bros.

16) Sean Connery – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

He’s the perfect guy to play the King of England.

20th Century Fox

15) Hugh Jackman – X-Men: First Class

This uncredited cameo is just brilliant and unexpected.

Universal Pictures

14) Michael Bay – Mystery Men

Most won’t recognize director Micheal Bay, but this tongue-in-cheek cameo is cleverer than you think.

Columbia Pictures

13) Robert De Niro – American Hustle

This is one of his best roles in years, to be honest. He sells his character’s reputation just based on who he is.

Rogue Pictures

12) Cate Blanchett – Hot Fuzz

I know, all you see are her eyes, but I promise you, it’s her.

Universal Pictures

11) Dan Aykroyd – Casper

This is all you want in an uncredited cameo – an instant callback to an iconic character.

New Line Cinema

10) Christian Slater – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Slater’s done a few, but this one is understated, absurd and hilarious.

Sony Pictures

9) Michael Cera – This is the End

A coke-snorting Jackass who slaps Rihanna’s ass and dies in the pits of hell, is the best sort of cameo.

20th Century Fox

8) Edward Norton – Kingdom of Heaven

His uncredited role as the leper King Baldwin IV in this film is one of the best.

New Line Cinema

7) Will Ferrel – Wedding Crashers

He’s perfectly cast as the wedding crasher who takes things too far.


6) Johnny Depp & Peter DeLuise – 21 Jump Street

Just when you think that the comedic reboot couldn’t get any better, the OG stars of the show, make their entrance.

Paramount Pictures

5) Robin Williams – Dead Again

Robin makes a quick cameo as disgraced psychiatrist working as a shelf stacker, with his trademark manic energy.

Paramount Pictures

4) Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder

It takes a lot of talent to steal the limelight away from Ben Stiller, Jack Black and RDJ, but Tom Cruise in a fat suit does it.

Marvel Studios

3) Samuel L. Jackson – Iron Man

This is probably one of the most important uncredited cameos in recent years, because it helped launch the MCU.

New Line Cinema

2) Alec Baldwin – Glen

garry Glen RossThis is probably a tie with the first one on uncredited roles that knocked it out of the park.


New Line Cinema

1) Kevin Spacey – Seven

Top spot goes here because he’s the baddest villain in recent history, and no one knew it was him until the film premiered.


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